The appren­tice­ship for peo­ple who man­age projects

Hi and a huge wel­come to the Loud­er Than Ten Appren­tice­ship pro­gram. We’re glad to be work­ing with you to sup­port your project man­age­ment learn­ing as you pick up new skills, prac­tice them, and put them to the test while work­ing in your organization. 

Here are a few help­ful hints and some links to get you start­ed. Please make sure you review the details so you’re ready when class starts rolling. 

If you get stuck, reach out to us and we’ll walk you through your next steps.

We’re here for you.

Your folks at 
Loud­er Than Ten

Curriculum outline

A high-level summary of what you’ll be learning this year. Session details will appear on your dashboard.

Apprenticeship outline

Setting up a supportive apprenticeship environment

A guide to help employers and apprentices make the most out of the Louder Than Ten apprenticeship

Employer guide

Our trainers

You’ll be assigned to a trainer and community support lead when you register.

Meet our trainers

Access your tools

Here’s a list of tools you’ll be using and will need access to throughout the program. Make sure you’re familiar with how to use them (most offer demos and FAQs).

Materials you’ll need

Here’s what you need to take this program:

  • Internet speed of at least 25 Mbps (check here:
  • Laptop or computer with keyboard and mouse
  • Google account (to access documents, email, spreadsheets, calendars, and other assets)
  • Web camera (built-in works)
  • Headphones (to minimize ambient noise/feedback)
  • Plenty of snacks to keep you in fine form

In most cases, your organization will provide you with the equipment, desk, and meeting space you need as a full-time employee. An extra screen is a nice to have (to view your high-level project data), but not required.

Your schedule

You can find your class schedule and sessions on your student dashboard and they will be announced in your team Slack channel. Please note that training sessions may be subject to change, but your trainers will always do their best to notify you of changes in advance. If you cannot make it to class, please notify your trainer and your fellow apprentices as soon as possible (since you’ll be working on group assignments). There will be video recordings of each in-class session available to apprentices if you miss anything.

First eight months of the year:

  • One day a week of classes (required; 3 hours)
  • One day a week for lab hours with Slack support from your trainer and peers (required; 2 hours)
  • Spend your remaining time applying your learning or picking up new projects in your organization

Last four months of the year:

  • One day a week of Slack support with your trainer and peers (required; 2 hrs)
  • Remaining time for managing full project load

Important: carve out time for your learning and stick to your learning schedule—since project work tends to fight for priority and professional development often gets deprioritized as an act of self-sacrifice, you will have to be mindful of prioritizing your training while balancing any real-time projects. Your employer can only gain the full value of this program when you are successfully absorbing the program and applying your learning.


Your trainer will meet with you and your employer remotely three times throughout the program to evaluate and reflect on your progress. We’ll reach out to coordinate these dates together. During your meetings, you’ll be reviewing your skills assessment, progress, and goals.

  • First meeting: Beginning of training
  • Second meeting: Close to halfway through training
  • Final meeting: Near end of training

Get a head start

If you’d like to get a head start on your learning, set up your RSS feed so you can do some regular reading. We recommend Feedly as it’s free and quick to set up, but you can use any RSS or ‘read later’ app you like.

For inspiration, here is a list to get you started.

Have feedback?

Let us know how we’re doing. We always encourage our learners and their organizations to give us feedback to help us improve and refine programming.

If you have feedback, please connect by emailing: or submitting via our chat service on our site.

Elevate our industry

Thank you for committing to help elevate our industry. This year, let’s work towards improving processes, supporting our teams, and building a sustainable community of people who put people first when they’re getting work done. You’re the key to it all.

Talk to us.

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