How we make our mark.


The Louder Than Ten logotype is the visual graphic element used to identify the school for creative people who run projects. It is composed of the Louder Than Ten typeface, and icon. The Louder Than Ten logotype is modern, clean and straightforward.

The logotype should not be redrawn or modified in any manner. In order to build the brand successfully, we need to control the consistency of its application.

Always use the authorized logotype.

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Logotype, vertical orientation

Louder Than Ten Icon

Louder Than Ten Wordmark

Logotype, vertical orientation

Logotype, horizontal orientation

Acceptable sample applications

The Louder Than Ten logo can also appear in the secondary blue hues or greyscale in certain situations.

For one colour applications, the Louder Than Ten logotype can appear either entirely in Louder Than Ten Red, Louder Than Light Red, grey, black or white.

Standalone logomark

Logo placement

Keeping the Louder Than Ten logo isolated from other elements is the key to preserving its legibility. A minimum amount of clear space should always surround the logo, separating it from headlines, text, imagery, or the outside edge of the document or application.

More clear space is generally preferable. For the Louder Than Ten logo, the minimum amount of clear space on all sides is equal to the height of the ‘0’ in ‘10’.

Icon sizing

When using the square logomark in an icon or avatar, give adequate space around the mark to ensure it does not get cut off when cropped in a circle.