Agnostic Interfaces, an exploration in design systems.

Before we started this digital school through Louder Than Ten, we planned on building a resource to encourage new discussion about the interactive design process, provide tutorials & tools to make design better, and provide a family of themes and templates for website and product owners with smaller design budgets or those want a well-designed starting point. Then fate steered us left and we took off paddling in a new, even better direction: why focus on just designers and developers when we can reach the whole team and build a community with digital PMs in tow. Here’s the progress of our machination. It’s called Agnostic, and even though it’s the middle child, we still love it.

Here’s what we did:

  • Branding & identity
  • Content strategy & copywriting
  • Style guide & UI library
  • Website design
  • Website developent

Case studies

Simply Accessible
Brett Harned
North Hawk Woodcraft Inc.
Mitzvah Tools
RCA Diagnostics
Every Day DPM
Civic Quarterly
CorePath Robotics
Rachel Gertz
Agnostic Interfaces
CCASA Your World
Vancouver Digital Project Managers
All Beef Media
Network Innovations
Equal Legal

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