Agnostic Interfaces, an exploration in design systems.

Before we started this digital school through Louder Than Ten, we planned on building a resource to encourage new discussion about the interactive design process, provide tutorials & tools to make design better, and provide a family of themes and templates for website and product owners with smaller design budgets or those want a well-designed starting point. Then fate steered us left and we took off paddling in a new, even better direction: why focus on just designers and developers when we can reach the whole team and build a community with digital PMs in tow. Here’s the progress of our machination. It’s called Agnostic, and even though it’s the middle child, we still love it.

Here’s what we did:

  • Branding & identity
  • Content strategy & copywriting
  • Style guide & UI library
  • Website design
  • Website developent

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