Print issue 3

The fellows at Code for America approached us to design the print version of their third issue of Civic Quarterly, a quarterly journal that aims to engage you with your civic design role in US politics, economics, and citizen interaction. You should check it out. It’s packed with intelligent writing and beautiful illustrations that examine the nooks and crannies of civic design in our digital world.

Read the full digital issue for free at

Here’s what we did:

  • Graphic design
  • Print pre-production

Case studies

Simply Accessible
Brett Harned
North Hawk Woodcraft Inc.
Mitzvah Tools
RCA Diagnostics
Every Day DPM
Civic Quarterly
CorePath Robotics
Rachel Gertz
Agnostic Interfaces
CCASA Your World
Vancouver Digital Project Managers
All Beef Media
Network Innovations
Equal Legal

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