Jake Macfarlane is no ordinary attorney. He’s got a big heart, a brilliant mind, and a plan to make essential legal services both accessible and affordable to everyone when they need them. We worked in depth with Jake to explore ways to shake up the way the legal world charges fees and interacts with its clients. This research helped us uniquely position his brand with bright colours and a fresh logo to build trust with his audience while guiding them through a simple site driven by accessible, friendly content.

Keep an eye on Equal Legal. It’s going to redefine your outdated idea of the legal industry.

Here’s what we did:

  • Branding and identity
  • Simple site

Working with Louder Than Ten was far and away the most fun part of getting my new business up and running. Rachel has a real knack for project management and set clear goals for everyone in the group. With her on your team, it feels like failure is not even an option.

Travis came up with some incredibly clever designs for the logo and I feel like he had a stroke of genius when he blended a few of my favorite ideas into the perfect design. Thanks to Travis, my website, business cards, letterhead, and branding all tell a story about me and how I do business. I look forward to working with Louder Than Ten again and would absolutely recommend them.

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