Retina screens are the glitter. Pupil makes the glitter even better by allowing you to adjust your resolution on the fly. No more fussing with display preferences every time you switch tasks. You can have more screen real estate, the crisp quadrupal-pixel experience, or anything in between with the click of an eye—right from your menu bar. We collaborated with Padraig Kennedy to bring this handy little utility to life. You can buy it now at

What we did:

  • Branding
  • Copywriting
  • App UX/UI Design
  • Website design

Case studies

Simply Accessible
Brett Harned
North Hawk Woodcraft Inc.
Mitzvah Tools
RCA Diagnostics
Every Day DPM
Civic Quarterly
CorePath Robotics
Rachel Gertz
Agnostic Interfaces
CCASA Your World
Vancouver Digital Project Managers
All Beef Media
Network Innovations
Equal Legal

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