Just when you thought you worked every bug out of your web app, along comes Lori and her trusty QA team at QCat gathering all the microscopic errors your naked eyes missed and putting them straight under glass. We created playful messaging and tailored both the branding and website to have a subtle visual connection to its parent brand, nGen Works, while giving the site its own QCat-like reflexes.

What we did:

  • Content strategy and copywriting
  • Branding and identity
  • UX, UI design
  • Development

Case studies

Simply Accessible
Brett Harned
North Hawk Woodcraft Inc.
Mitzvah Tools
RCA Diagnostics
Every Day DPM
Civic Quarterly
CorePath Robotics
Rachel Gertz
Agnostic Interfaces
CCASA Your World
Vancouver Digital Project Managers
All Beef Media
Network Innovations
Equal Legal