Designing a web for everyone

A fractured but friendly voice and tone needed love and a straight rudder. We worked through a year’s worth of interview questions, company mission statements, and candid conversations to define Simply Accessible’s content strategy for the web. Then, with a sturdy structure in place, we tenderly crafted the site copy for their epic redesign. When we were finished, Simply Accessible had a proper set of hangers on which to drape their dream of an accessible world for everyone, along with a mission you could fall in love with.

Here’s what we did

  • Project management
  • Brand and content strategy
  • Content writing and editing
  • Front-end development
  • Newsletter design and copy
  • Business card design and printing
  • Banners and signage

First, we completed a current copy analysis to clip out anything that we could reuse in the new site. Then we measured Simply up against their competition and drew boundaries around the direction we wanted to push both their audience and their own personality. The key here, was that the language needed to be accessible itself: written simply, beautifully and for a diverse audience. This unique challenge helped use to refine and strengthen our approach as we went.

Next, we isolated the core values of the company and distilled them into ten attributes that we could use to define the way we wrote the rest of the content. Then we outlined the voice and tone requirements based on those attributes and highlighted examples of how that copy would sound. When it was all packaged together, we used the content strategy to flesh out copy for every page starting with a clear hierarchy and page goals, while working directly with the designer throughout the process so each page was crafted around its copy. Finally, we helped the team achieve their launch deadline by jumping in and completing front-end development.

To get Simply ready for an upcoming conference, we designed their accessible and stunning business cards—debossed braille and flexibility to change and adjust their titles on the other, and some snazzy roll up banners based on the illustrations of the fabulous Geri Coady.

This was a fun project and a cause we’ve grown to support as we watched how accessible content features like alternative text and descriptive headlines broke open the internet for people of all abilities.

During this project,we really honed our accessibility knowledge, and we had a chance to strengthen our understanding by talking through things with Simply’s highly specialized team. Now, not only would we advocate for accessible content and a people first design focus, we’d insist on it.

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