A workshop that teaches creative teams how to refine their workflow and collaborate effortlessly.

Full day workshop

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Join Louder Than Ten for a full day of hacking your digital process, refining your workflow, and relearning how creative teams do the best work.

Thoughtful collaboration makes your projects better; it makes our team better. Hell, it makes our industry better.

But how do you collaborate when you’re selling, researching, designing, developing and managing multiple projects or products with wily stakeholders in a world of bug-me-now alerts and interruptions?

Come to this workshop and find out.

The deets
Why should you come?

This workshop is perfect for

In fact, this workshop works best if you bring the whole troupe.

Let's do it

What we’ll do

Hack your workflows

  • Dissect your team’s weekly schedule and rebuild it with the right amount of time for quiet focus, planning, and strategy
  • Assess your projects and relationships and determine next actions for ones in the green, yellow, and red
  • Learn tips and then diagram a tighter workflow

Cinch your communication

  • Fix your team communication at work. Analyze and refine your tools, channels, frequency, and tone
  • Learn the bad habits that derail client and team expectations
  • Explore how red flags tank your scope and learn what you can do about it

Create healthier teams

  • Learn how to build a business case for change
  • Find out how to connect managers and owners with producers around common goals
  • Redefine trust in our industry and commit to supporting it—and each other

What to expect

We’ll use a combination approach to give you something to sink your teeth into:

  • Group exercises
  • Exploratory roundtables
  • Role playing
  • Case study reviews
  • Problem-based learning techniques

Go to work the next day and put your smart new business skills into practice.

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Digital PM Trainer, BA B.Ed
Rachel Gertz is a Digital PM Trainer who helps digital project managers, freelancers, and creative teams through Louder Than Ten. She trains apprentices in digital project management so they can keep their organizations happy, healthy, and ready for the future. She strongly likes bourbon.

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