The Louder Than Ten apprenticeship for people who run projects

Your company needs adaptable project leaders who clear the chaos to save you time, money, and hours of therapy. We train them.

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Poor project management is the number one cause of project failure.

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Introducing the Louder Than Ten Apprenticeship

The best kind of learning is total immersion—plus a life preserver and a personal lifeguard. We’ve got your learners covered.

  • PM apprentices work while they learn
  • Practical skills from day one
  • A year of training and support
  • Remote delivery
  • Dedicated virtual trainers
  • Real & simulated projects
  • Small classes
  • Made for newbies and improving project leaders

First half

Theory & practice

We teach the solid theory of digital project management from project setup to close and embed practical skills so your project leaders can put them to work within the first few sessions.

Last half

Support & guidance

PM apprentices pick up more complex projects at their organization and hone their skills. Our trainers provide ongoing support through regular check-ins and scheduled support for real world challenges and tricky problems.

In-depth learning

People, project management, professional trainers, and real life.

Weekly schedule

What’s included

Who’s it for?

Fast track your juniors from amateur to mid-level and boost your mid-levels to the expert role.

Hire a new face or strengthen your current team.

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See how project management training impacted Input Logic and their new PM

A tale of PM process refinement

From music producer to full-fledged digital PM—handling a full project load—in less than a year.

The biggest impact has been our project manager’s ability to handle conversations with clients about timeline and scope. It’s freed me up to focus on sales and strategy knowing he owns daily client interactions.

If you want to gain more experience in digital PM, work with Louder Than Ten. Your time with them and the information you gain is practical and real. The training refined my approach to talking to my team and clients, lean documentation, and the planning that I have now. Most of all, I know my skills bring value to our shop.

Some of the organizations we’ve helped

You put so much care into securing great clients and teams.

What if you put the same care into growing project leaders who keep them happy, healthy, and invested?

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Give your project leaders the best chance to lead.

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Programs begin spring and summer 2017.

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Train people well enough so they can leave, treat them well enough so they don’t want to.”

– Richard Branson

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