A workshop for true collaboration, healthy projects, and happy clients.

Who’s this workshop for?

Plan, talk, walk the walk. This workshop’s for people who want to run projects. Not the other way around.

If you’re a freelancer or on a creative team and want to learn the business skills behind clear communication, workflows, and stakeholder management, you should be here.

In other words:

  • Freelancers
  • Creative teams
  • Project & account managers/coordinators
  • Product managers
  • Leadership
  • Agencies

A full day for project planners & creative teams

The ability to have clear conversations with your team and stakeholders is a business skill. The ability to ask the right questions at the right times and to set clear boundaries around communication, stakeholder roles and behaviour is pivotal. No matter what your title is, thoughtful collaboration makes your projects better; it makes your team better. Hell, it makes our industry better.

The funny thing is, we don’t do this. We don’t plan, talk, or clarify proactively the way we should which send cracks rippling through our projects.

So, what do you do when you’re selling, researching, designing, developing and managing multiple projects with wily clients in a world of bug-me-now alerts and interruptions? You talk with your teams and clients. You make a plan. You practice. But first? You come to this workshop. You’re in for some serious fun.

What we’ll cover

Join Rachel Gertz for a full day of digging into the meat of what makes a team work well together.

Together, we’ll:

  • Uncover common pain points teams experience
  • Break down and evaluate common issues that lead to silos
  • Explore how to simplify processes for a clear communication plan, functional workflow, and realistic team schedule
  • Learn how to set practical stakeholder expectations and outline a crystal communication plan to keep your team and clients in check

They don’t teach these things in school. You’re not born knowing them. You have to learn them in the trenches or you can learn them here with Louder Than Ten. Let us help.


We’ll use a combination of group exercises, exploratory roundtables, role playing, and case study reviews to plan and challenge our assumptions about what makes teams work well together. Our problem-based learning approach uses hands-on activities without any of that silly corporate jargon. You’ll go to work the next day and be able put your smart new business skills into practice.

Questions we’ll answer

How come my week is all about fighting fires?

We’ll learn how to focus on important over urgent tasks, and how to plan proactive responses.

How do I recognize and document scope creep and say no nicely to clients?

We’ll explore how and why scope creep happens, and discuss some helpful scripts that will automate your responses to cinch your scope.

Why am I always busy yet never feel like I’ve accomplished anything?

We’ll talk about creating an automated system and chunking your tasks so you can get the right work done and feel efficient.

Why isn’t my creative team focusing on the right things or not telling me when things are blocking them?

We’ll dig into root cause analysis so you can find out the source of your stakeholder strife.

How do I get my team to stick to our processes?

We’ll discuss how owning the process helps teams and clients be more accountable and brainstorm some ideas that might work better for you.

My clients text me at all hours of the day; how do I stop this?

We’ll talk about resetting the reins on client and team management and how to create a system for clear communication.

Our team is over budget again and we promised we’d release this week. What now?

We’ll talk about Hofstadter’s Law (aka why we’re crummy at estimating time) and tips for better time management.

I just want to be able to have clarity on what we agreed to on this project and what we should be completing. How do we move forward?

We’ll talk about the pillars of PM and how to use a little human psychology to ask the right questions to get helpful answers with the support of your team and clients.

Why is my client always late? Why did she go silent when we started talking budget?

We’ll review the red flags and markers that help you understand how healthy your stakeholders and projects are, and how to make course corrections early and often.

What you’ll learn

  • The business skills involved in running projects
  • The golden rules of keeping the reigns with project stakeholders
  • How to recognize and reinforce project accountability and focus
  • How to prioritize important tasks over urgent ones
  • How to document a communication plan
  • How to create a schedule that works for your team
  • Scripts that can help you through tough conversations
  • Savvy resources and tools for better collaboration

Most software projects fail due to inadequate resourcing, poor management, scope creep, and lack of accountability. In other words, they fail because of poor project management. PM is everyone’s job.

Why Louder Than Ten

This industry can be better. We believe in it. But to start, our creative teams need to embrace two things: working together to create a solid foundation and embracing a quickly-changing future. We need to be nimble and reach out to each other when we need support. Rooted in business strategy, systems and process design, Louder Than Ten is working hard to strengthen this community one city at a time. We’ve worked with clients all over the world to help them build flexible processes and design systems that let them focus on the most important thing: each other.

About your host

With a formal teaching background in English, Psychology, and Philosophy and a history in project management, business operations consulting, public speaking, and problem based learning, Rachel Gertz brings candor and common sense to creative sessions that get people thinking like teams. She is also the co-chair of the Vancouver Digital Project Managers group.

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