We don’t make apps or sites. We build businesses.

Our digital approach isn’t about making web sites or applications. It’s about doing the right amount of research and clarifying your goals and needs so we can help you build your business. The apps, sites, and print and identity projects we create together are a product of that.

Here’s the crisp on how we approach your projects so you can see what matters and why.

A collaborative partnership

Ever heard the ‘v’ word? It stands for vendor, and it’s reserved for fruit and vegetable stands and paper companies. We want to be your collaborative partner—that means we’re not a vendor. We’ll work with you to define the needs of your product and we’ll help you plan the best pathway to getting there. We work closely with you and our internal team to make sure that we’re building something that connects with your vision and supports your business goals.

It starts with PM

Want to know one of the biggest reasons projects fail? Poor communication and a lack of project management. That’s right. It’s pivotal to the success of your project. Axe project management? Set your project on fire.

Louder Than Ten isn’t just good at PM, we teach other companies how to do it.

To keep your project happy, we’ll PM the heck out of your project. We build it right into the budget. It starts with great communication, clarifying values and outcomes, and explaining risk. Like good project parents, we will push back on unnecessary requests and risky business directions that might take you further from your business goals. You’ll always know what’s happening in your project. No surprises.


~ 1–2 sprints

To get it right, we have to understand your project and clear a path for its direction. That means research. Just the right amount. We’ll learn more about you, your needs, and your project’s true scope. This helps us build the thing we should be building: your business.

What’s involved:

  • Kick off meeting to engage stakeholders and define your business and project goals
  • Project and outcome research (aka questions to vet our assumptions)
  • Site and user group audit (aka initial content/marketing/UX/design audit)
  • User group and sales funnel research
  • Competitive analysis
  • Analysis of findings, meeting discussion

What you get:

  • Clear definition of scope and expected number of sprints (aka updated budget and schedule)
  • Project plan and any necessary strategy documentation (when required)

Content & design prototyping

~ 1–2 sprints *

We start with content. We create it in tandem with your wireframe (or mockup for print), but lean on your team to get the details, the messaging, and the tone just right. We finalize content before we make a single mark on the design.

Then, whether we’re coordinating print or digital, we iterate and review our progress with you and your team. We build apps that are lean but powerful, write content that is rich but focused, and design for your audience—not your own tastes. This is another reason all that research comes in handy.

What’s involved:

  • Content strategy
  • Userflow and information architecture mapping
  • Prototyping

What you get:

  • Positioning guide
  • Content voice and tone guidelines
  • Core messaging
  • Site content and microcopy
  • Low fidelity prototype (aka SCSS + HTML interactive wireframe)

*or more depending on research findings

Design & front-end development

~2–4 sprints *

Design ain’t about pretty pictures. It’s about effective communication and problem solving with taste. Colour, typography, and white space paired with a critical mind creates user flows which ultimately define your interface and meet your audience’s needs.

Your products should feel effortless. Elegant, simple, and effortless. Oh, and bold. If you want to partner with us, expect that we’ll push you further than web trends. Those come and go. Good design thinking lasts forever.

What’s involved:

  • Visual design of the app, site, or print project
  • Developing the front-end templates and UI components
  • HTML + SCSS development

What you get:

  • Typography, colour palette
  • Modular site templates
  • Scalable front end architecture (SCSS + HTML patterns and structure)
  • UI component library and documentation
  • Front-end code
  • Printed artifact (if relevant)

*or more depending on research findings

Back-end development

~ 2–4 sprints *

Now it’s time to hook the whole thing together. Let’s give your project some legs. We code the back end of your app or website, or we integrate a content management system to allow you to flexibly update your content. We also connect any APIs or third party apps or add-ons your project needs to be successful.

Often, CMS development and front-end development can happen alongside each other.

What’s involved:

  • Programming the back end and any connecting third party apps and APIs
  • Optimizing SEO, finalizing the sales or marketing funnel
  • Integrating the design and front-end code with a CMS
  • Building in advanced functionality or features (e.g. e-commerce, search, data management)

What you get:

  • Editable, modular device ready app on a testing server

*or more depending on research findings

QA & launch

~ 1–2 sprints *

Your app or print project gets a spit polish (sans spit). We bug test, proof, and pluck any strays so your project is ready for the world.

What’s involved:

  • Browser, accessibility, user interaction, and acceptance testing
  • Bug testing, fixes, and tweaks
  • Content edits and adjustments, final proof
  • Final stakeholder sign-off and approval

What you get:

  • A live, device ready app targeted to your user groups that can start converting leads
  • A fully editable CMS to keep your content relevant and focused
  • A complete printed (if we’re doing any print work)

Additional project phases can be scoped during research and production.

*or more depending on research findings

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