Lallygag a second longer. These pages are spellbinding.

Okay, enough book jokes, just read these gems.


This book presents techniques, tools, and frameworks for helping members of your design team give and receive critique so you can actually strengthen your designs, products, and services, rather than use “feedback” mechanisms to simply assert authority or push agendas.

Just because you don’t fly with the crowd doesn’t mean you don’t fly. A short book about challenging the flow and defining your own way of doing things. Great for PMs who need a little emotional support.

Most of what we do intersects with the purchase and selling of goods and services. Naomi Klein gives us a crystal clear picture of the consumer market and our role as creators and consumers. A good book to tuck under your belt in your role as a PM.

Change people, situations, and things in an intuitive way. Based on case studies and social psychology. One of the best Heath books we’ve read. Read this, if it’s the last thing you do.

Where are we headed as a technologically curious society? Read this and try to wrap your brain around what your teams will be creating in five to ten years. We dare you. Mind blown.

Critical to understanding why you’re often set up to fail at your organization and what you need to know to change that.

Rise above your competitors, take hold of your client relationships, and take your business to new heights be rethinking how you sell your ideas and your services.

We are a product of the way our caregivers raised us. Stan blows the lid off how we interact with others based on our early attachment styles. Not just a helpful guide for love relationships, but also for uncovering how to relate to other people that are very different from us. Must listen!

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