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Digital Project Management Foundations course cover

3-months of remote training

Digital Project Management Foundations

Learn the fundamentals of democratic digital project management.


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Digital PM Operations Apprenticeship course cover

8-months of remote training

Digital PM Operations Apprenticeship

A com­pre­hen­sive train­ing program for getting your people, projects, and digital operations in tune.

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3+ months

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I hired a Dig­i­tal Project Man­ag­er and imme­di­ate­ly signed her up for the 1‑year Appren­tice­ship pro­gram. With­in a cou­ple months, the val­ue was clear­ly vis­i­ble to every­one on the team. A year lat­er, our DPM is a grad­u­ate of LT10 and has reshaped the way we work for the bet­ter. She was a star before LT10 and now she’s a super­star. If you’re an own­er, invest in your PM by giv­ing them this com­mu­ni­ty to learn from.

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Sales to PM Super Glue course cover

Sales to PM Super Glue

We’ll teach your sales and project management teams how to turn project hiccups into harmony.

3-months of remote training
for 2+ team members

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SuperHi Project Management

8-week video course

SuperHi Digital Project Management

Learn the basics of digital project management in our SuperHi video course.


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