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How to design a healthy digital agency

Learn the business part of running your design business. Created by the founders of Know This Shit and Louder Than Ten, this course will give you a periscope plan to view your company’s financials and operations. Tackle your accounting and planning questions. Anchor your business with sustainable goals and check-in tips. Arm yourselves with real tools to improve the management of your projects, the operation of your business, and the happiness of your team. Your business should be whatever you want it to be.

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Rachel has that rare gift of maintaining contagious optimism even when things get rocky. She’s able to speak to clients in a way that answers their concerns without hurting the team or the goals of the project. I’ve seen her share her experiences as a PM with a crowd and watch the audience get it immediately. She’s a natural born teacher.

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The bees knees of digital PM education wants a word with you.

Rachel’s approach to project management is a critical aspect to operating a successful design biz. Potentially the most important aspect considering your core job in design is to manage successful projects for clients. Louder Than Ten asks the right questions, drills into the impact of solid relationships, and works into the core of running awesome projects. It also helps that they are rad people–the type that you want to collaborate with and have working with your team.

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Train with us and flip your projects right‑side‑up


  • Charge what you’re worth and get paid sooner
  • Watch clients offer to pay for changes before you mention them
  • Anticipate your cash-flow more accurately and make better revenue predictions


  • Hone your efficiency by keeping your calendar clean and your timelines tight
  • Reclaim your evenings and weekends like a mighty warrior
  • Say no to unrealistic timelines with a smile that’s reciprocated


  • Maneuver through tough conversations and soften stony faces
  • Turn clients into partners and teams into allies who all pull together
  • End bad client or team relationships and feel good about it


  • Land on the money when estimating functionality, scope, and project risks
  • Keep a tight grip on project scope and push additional requests to phase two or three or seven
  • Say no when it matters and yes when it adds up

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