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Kirsten McCrea

Project management insights—from the outside. A Coax Q&A.

by Marshall Watson

Our latest Coax Q&A is with Kirsten McCrea, Artist at Hello Kirsten and Publisher of Papirmass, who talks with us about decisive leadership, managing diverse teams, and the importance of learning to let go of the reins.

Digital Project Managers The lifeblood of your agency

An inter­view with Michael Luchen of Crema

by Rachel Gertz

Michael Luchen, Senior Prod­uct Man­ag­er at Cre­ma shares how PMs can be the autonomous project dri­vers that get out of the way so their teams can do their jobs.

Finding my power in PM

Reflec­tions on find­ing my voice and tak­ing up space in ser­vice of others

by Lina Calin

Lina Calin explores what it real­ly means to be a good” project manager.