Reflections on finding my voice and taking up space in service of others

Lina Calin explores what it really means to be a “good” project manager.


Freelancing the smart way

Six lessons about learning from your mistakes (and my mistakes)

by Morgan Haines

Morgan Haines explains how to succeed as a freelancer by finding the lessons in her failures.

Teach your clients how to treat you

How to set an ace pace and tone during client onboarding

by Rachel Gertz

Client onboarding is a walk in the park if you have a flashlight and the right map. Louder Than Ten Co-founder Rachel Gertz lights the way.

Hannah McGregor

Project management insights—from the outside. A Coax Q&A.

by Marshall Watson

The next installment of our Coax Q&A series: project management insights—from the outside. This time, we talk to Hannah McGregor—Professor of Publishing and Podcasting Powerhouse.

Life after PM

Things to consider when moving into management

by Tera Caldwell Simon

Tera Simon reflects on the ups and downs of her career path to offer lessons for other PMs thinking about moving into management.

Wicked Questions

by Marshall Watson

Marshall Watson explores the value of asking questions with intention and offers ways to add some punch to your pursuit of knowledge.

Experiencing imposter syndrome?

That’s probably because you’re an imposter

by Reina Gattuso

Reina Gattuso argues that our imposter syndrome is good for us and, rather than telling ourselves that we’re responsible for our own success, we should confront the systemic discrimination and pathological individualism inherent to western society.

Rebecca Ataya

Project management insights—from the outside. A Coax Q&A.

by Marshall Watson

The latest release from our new Coax Q&A series: project management insights—from the outside. Featuring Rebecca Ataya, Director of Programs and Services at the Federation of Community Social Services of BC.

People are people

Thoughts on fostering diversity and inclusion in tech

by Lina Calin

Lina Calin offers a map for getting out of the homogeneous echo chambers that the tech industry has become known for. The first step is realizing that underneath our different titles and job descriptions, we are all just people.

On Productivity

Exploring the difference between being a productive person and a Productivity Person

by Tyler Hellard

Tyler Hellard explains why Productivity People are no fun at parties.

Inclusive UX: The limits of empathy

Understanding what to do… when you don’t understand

by Ivana McConnell

Ivana McConnell maps out a simple process for building inclusive processes by simply acknowledging our limitations.

Buck the trend

What corsets and shampoo can teach us about design and problem solving

by Marshall Watson

Stop worshipping at the cult of whatever-everyone-else-is-doing. It’s time to show the world what you can really do.

Editor’s picks

Design machines

How to survive the digital apocalypse.

by Travis Gertz

A dystopian view of an internet designed by machines, and the mushy, emotional weapons we can use to fight back.

Late nights and early warnings

How unhealthy projects break your business and our plan to help you fix that

by Rachel Gertz

Rachel explains how digital project management, apprenticeship, and Louder Than Ten’s brand new program can transform your projects and your organization.

In Defense of Doing it Wrong

Why you should ignore social expectations and start listening to your own desire

by Jessica Faulds

Why you should ignore social expectations and start listening to your own desire

Most important to least

How I quit my job and found the career I craved.

by Larissa Scordato

Sometimes what you see isn’t what you get. Larissa Scordato was stuck in a great job that had everything she didn’t want. This is how she started over.

The most brilliant woman in the room

Creative freedom, gender justice, and confronting the challenges to female collaboration

by Reina Gattuso

Modern society has gender inequality built into its bones. Reina Gatusso wants to dismantle the barriers to female creative freedom.

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