A portrait of Paul Burton's wonderful face.


Paul Burton

Design Director at 16toads Interactive.

Paul is a long, looooooong-time veteran of the intertubes having plied his trade as an award-winning professional design director with his web consultancy, 16toads Interactive, for the better part of two decades, or seven thousand three hundred days. As a professional illustrator and published author, he is the founder, chief penciler and aspiring word-wrangler behind OddBurton and is quite content having eschewed riches in lieu of following his passions.

He’s easy-going when not serious, laughs frequently, and has been told that he pronounces the word “bag” funny. He wields an HB pencil like a pencil, loves peppered beef jerky, and has been called “the most all-around talented guy [I’ve ever met]” by a presumably inebriated friend. During cucumber pickling season, he’s typically up to his elbows in brine, jarring the best pickle you’ve never tasted. And, for whatever reason, he thinks dancing Pikachus are the greatest thing since chocolate chip cookies and scotch. He speaks at an occasional conference, writes an occasional article, and skis as frequently as he can.

His latest project, “E is for Endangered,” is an ABC coloring book of endangered animals and will be available on Kickstarter in April.