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The Pattern Report

Uncovering the patterns of resilient digital firms

84 digital service companies. 94% owner respondents. Results from North America to South Africa. This is how digital agencies, consultancies, and creative firms are not just surviving 2020, but adapting and thriving.

To investigate how digital agencies, firms, consultancies and shops like yours are doing and how they’re being impacted by the initial shock waves of this global pandemic, we rounded up a group of smart subject matter experts to uncover the patterns of high-performing digital shops.

From growth strategies, to project management, to cash management, to people management, billing strategies, and stress management—access all these insights in our inaugural 2020 Pattern Report.

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Find out how we help partners like Canales & Co. smooth out their operations and run healthier projects.

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Canales & Co.

A boutique branding and design agency in Austin, Texas

Friendly Design Co.

Friendly Design turned their clients into lifelong fans

The 13-person Good Work team is all smiles, having dinner at a picnic table outside

Good Work

This mobile & web development team’s process is just plain great.

Com­par­ing our busi­ness before and after LT10 train­ing is like night and day. Before, I felt more inclined to micro­man­age, because we lacked the process­es in place for smooth projects. Trust was lack­ing; I was wor­ried things would fall through the cracks, and I was always ready for that phone call from a client telling us how we messed up. Now, I don’t wor­ry about projects. Most of the time, I don’t even think about project man­age­ment or the account ser­vice side of the busi­ness in gen­er­al. That frees me up to run our stu­dio and focus on cre­ative – which is what I’m sup­posed to be doing in the first place. We’ve always exud­ed con­fi­dence in our design, but now we’re con­fi­dent in our man­age­ment as well. Over­all, it makes our busi­ness feel more legit­i­mate and makes me feel great about our invest­ment with LT10.

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Kick Point
Archive Digital
Canales & Co
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Input Logic
The Status Bureau
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Lincoln Loop
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