Announcing the apprenticeship for people who manage projects

Great project leaders are not born, they’re made. Learn how the apprenticeship program can fix your projects, protect your people, and transform your organization.

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How unhealthy projects break your business and our plan to help you fix that.

Rachel explains how digital project management, apprenticeship, and Louder Than Ten’s brand new program can transform your projects and your organization.

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Thursday, May 18th, 2017

Meet a panel of experts who are flipping the apprenticeship model on its head. A live one-hour discussion on the application, format, and impact of modern day apprenticeships in tech.

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A pocketbook for putting out your biggest project fires

Quick. Grab that pail of water: your ass is on fire. Did you notice the tone of your teammate when she agreed to your last request? Did you spot the misalignment on the client’s team when they responded to your last email? Did you catch a hidden layer of functionality and alert your product team before it inflated the scope? No? Then this book’s dedicated to you.

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Empathetic project management

Hustle Podcast interviews Rachel Gertz

Maybe the ‘P’ in PM should stand for ‘process’—instead of ‘project’ or ‘product.’ Rachel chats with Funsize about better workflows on agile teams.

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