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Things to consider when moving into management

Tera Simon reflects on the ups and downs of her career path to offer lessons for other PMs thinking about moving into management.

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Project Management for the Web with Rachel Gertz

Our own Rachel Gertz was recently interviewed on the excellent CTRL+CLICK Cast podcast with Lea Alcantara and Emily Lewis. Have a listen and hear more about what we do and why we do it:

Some of the organizations we’ve helped

The time we spent working and learning with Louder Than Ten will continue to guide us for the next few years. Rachel’s ability to translate her PM knowledge into real teachable moments gave us the opportunity to reflect on our own practices, both the good and the bad, without ever feeling like she was judging us. She remained supportive and positive throughout the entire process, creating a trusting and safe space for my leadership team to learn and grow together. If you’re looking to partner with someone who will leave you feeling smarter and more empowered to manage any project situation that comes your way, Louder Than Ten is the answer.

Rachel has always taken the time to understand the unique ways in which we work at MetaLab while using her great understanding of project management, strong facilitation skills, and ability to connect with each individual to help us level up as a team.

The amount of information this course contains is absolutely mindblowing. The content is so thorough and incredibly well thought out. Rachel is a fantastic teacher as well - she is incredibly supportive and encouraging, as well as challenging to the students.

Rachel has a true devotion to the craft of digital project management. Between her work as a DPM and trainer, and her experience talking about it, she recognizes that it’s an art more than a science.

Rachel has that rare gift of contagious optimism. She’s able to speak to clients in a way that answers their concerns without hurting the team or the goals of the project. I’ve seen her share her experiences with a crowd and watch the audience get it immediately. She’s a natural born teacher.

Rachel strikes the perfect balance between project manager and teacher; she knows her stuff and can communicate it in an unforgettable way. I first heard her speak at a conference in 2013 and I can still quote most of that talk today. Since then, we have collaborated many times—as co-presenters, consultants, and writers—and each time she has produced a bit of magic that sticks in people’s brains and changes the way they think and act.

A pocketbook for putting out your biggest project fires

Quick. Grab that pail of water: your ass is on fire. Did you notice the tone of your teammate when she agreed to your last request? Did you spot the misalignment on the client’s team when they responded to your last email? Did you catch a hidden layer of functionality and alert your product team before it inflated the scope? No? Then this book’s dedicated to you.

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