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Our apprenticeship is the most comprehensive project management training program designed for digital agencies, departments, and products studios.

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  • Building stronger relationships
  • Increasing project value

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A three-month remote training course for people who manage digital projects

Launching early 2020

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Case Study

Laura Paine was the first project manager at The Developer Society, and one of Louder Than Ten’s first apprentices. She is now a Director and Project Lead in this employee-owned, not-for-profit digital agency based in Birmingham, UK.

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Case Study

Good Work

Good Work Founder, Garrett Winder, and Studio Manager, Ariel Kidwell, took the Louder Than Ten Apprenticeship together. Having alignment from day one gave them an immediate advantage when implementing new concepts and developing new processes to increase profits and focus on smoother, more productive projects and workflows.

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Some of the organizations we’ve helped

The time we spent work­ing and learn­ing with Loud­er Than Ten will con­tin­ue to guide us for the next few years. Rachel’s abil­i­ty to trans­late her PM knowl­edge into real teach­able moments gave us the oppor­tu­ni­ty to reflect on our own prac­tices, both the good and the bad, with­out ever feel­ing like she was judg­ing us. She remained sup­port­ive and pos­i­tive through­out the entire process, cre­at­ing a trust­ing and safe space for my lead­er­ship team to learn and grow togeth­er. If you’re look­ing to part­ner with some­one who will leave you feel­ing smarter and more empow­ered to man­age any project sit­u­a­tion that comes your way, Loud­er Than Ten is the answer.

Rachel has always tak­en the time to under­stand the unique ways in which we work at Meta­L­ab while using her great under­stand­ing of project man­age­ment, strong facil­i­ta­tion skills, and abil­i­ty to con­nect with each indi­vid­ual to help us lev­el up as a team.

The amount of infor­ma­tion this course con­tains is absolute­ly mind­blow­ing. The con­tent is so thor­ough and incred­i­bly well thought out. Rachel is a fan­tas­tic teacher as well — she is incred­i­bly sup­port­ive and encour­ag­ing, as well as chal­leng­ing to the students.

Rachel has a true devo­tion to the craft of dig­i­tal project man­age­ment. Between her work as a DPM and train­er, and her expe­ri­ence talk­ing about it, she rec­og­nizes that it’s an art more than a science.

Rachel has that rare gift of con­ta­gious opti­mism. She’s able to speak to clients in a way that answers their con­cerns with­out hurt­ing the team or the goals of the project. I’ve seen her share her expe­ri­ences with a crowd and watch the audi­ence get it imme­di­ate­ly. She’s a nat­ur­al born teacher.

Rachel strikes the per­fect bal­ance between project man­ag­er and teacher; she knows her stuff and can com­mu­ni­cate it in an unfor­get­table way. I first heard her speak at a con­fer­ence in 2013 and I can still quote most of that talk today. Since then, we have col­lab­o­rat­ed many times — as co-pre­sen­ters, con­sul­tants, and writ­ers — and each time she has pro­duced a bit of mag­ic that sticks in peo­ple’s brains and changes the way they think and act.

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