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A workshop that teaches creative teams how to refine their workflow and collaborate effortlessly.

September 29, 2016
Calgary, Canada

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In your ears

We’ve been busy this summer! Learn how the future of digital will affect your teams, processes, and PMs.

Could you save time automating your workflow?

Rachel banters with Paul Boag and Marcus Lillington on the Boagworld podcast about the impact of automating our workflows.

Empathetic project management

Maybe the ‘P’ in PM should stand for ‘process’—instead of ‘project’ or ‘product.’ Rachel chats with Anthony Armendariz and Rick Messer of Funsize about better workflows on agile teams.

Evolved Project Management
Project management with Rachel Gertz

What does the future of PM look like? Rachel and Todd Kane discuss a world where labour and time won’t match up and what PMs can do about it.

Leading Agile
Applying agile in a digital agency model

Rachel chats with Brett Harned and Dave Prior about the complexity of applying agile into more traditional agency workflows.

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