Sales to PM Super Glue

We’ll train your sales and project management teams how to turn project hiccups into harmony in 90 days

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Our sales-to-project management training helps digital agencies run profitable projects and nurture strong client relationships within weeks.

93% of graduates increase profit margins by 10% within 4 months

200+ suc­cess­ful agen­cies, departments, and prod­uct stu­dios trained

100% customized for service-focused digital teams

Create a custom playbook for sales and PM to help your team

Sell and run bigger, more profitable projects

Improve client relationships by designing a project fit checklist

Set up healthy accounts by clarifying scope and demystifying prioritization

Reduce team stress by cutting out complexity

Build happy, productive teams by removing bottlenecks in miscommunication

For any own­er of a ser­vice busi­ness, Loud­er Than Ten is an excel­lent short and long term resource for con­tin­u­ing to run an effi­cient, prof­itable, and peo­ple friend­ly busi­ness. If you’re think­ing about improv­ing the effi­cien­cy of your agency and the qual­i­ty of life for your team, LT10 is who you should turn to.

The Sales to PM training and consulting bundle includes…

Up to 12 participants on your team

6 modules designed for digital agencies

3 working sessions to tighten Sales to PM alignment

Create a custom Sales-to-PM Collaboration Playbook

Join the Louder Than Ten Slack community

Weekly labs and regular 1:1 support

Access to 300+ resources

Customized to your agency

33+ hours of training and consulting

6 modules and 3 working sessions

Sales and project intake

Learn how to bring in bigger, healthier projects and clients with sharp sales-to-pm processes

Setting your prices

A foolproof way to set target rates and prices, when to use them, and how to bill

Intake and pricing working session

Evaluate your client mix, map your sales to PM lifecycle, and set up a rock-solid pricing framework

Estimating projects

How to apply intuitive estimates and useful ranges to keep projects profitable

Client onboarding and setup

Smooth your project transition from sales to project start, built trust with clients, and assign the right team

Estimating and onboarding working session

Design a savvy estimating framework and amazing onboarding experience for your team and clients

Man­ag­ing scope creep

Learn the four types of scope creep that haunt your projects and how turn these ene­mies into project gold

Risks & red flags

The ins and outs of tracking risks, rec­og­niz­ing red flags, and how to map their impact across projects

Scope and risk control working session

Make a scope creep reduction plan and design a risk and opportunity framework

Designed for

  • Project Managers
  • Producers
  • Studio Product Managers
  • Account Managers
  • Sales Executives, Consultants, and Business Developers
  • Owners
  • Directors

We’ll be working with both your client-facing and internal teams to streamline the flow of business from the initial contact to closing the project and preparing for the next one. We recommend at least one representative from each project lifecycle phase be present.

Ready to fix your sales to project management systems?

Our pricing is based on your team size and complexity and is designed to deliver a quick return on investment. Payment plans available.

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