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Within the year, our apprentices are making monumental returns for their organizations with tighter processes, bigger budgets, more accurate estimates, stronger client relationships, and more profitable projects.

Can you afford not to enrol?

What’s your annual revenue?

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What’s your average project overage?

${ overages * 100 | round }%

You’re losing ${ revenue * overages / 12 | currency } every month on project overages alone.

That’s a lot of dough we’ll be helping your apprentice recover. We’re ready to roll. Are you?

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You probably qualify for the Canada Jobs Grant. Learn how you can save 60-100% on your total training cost.

How to pay for this program

This is our commitment: we train apprentices to be strategic and business savvy so they can return the full program cost to you in the form of additional revenue, reduced budget overages, and better staff retention. Here’s how you can make the program work for you financially:

Temper the cost

  • Consider starting a junior apprentice at a lower entry-level salary to offset the cost of training; renegotiate during the program or after training is complete
  • Check your local region for grants and training funding (e.g., Canada and the UK have training grants available that may cover the full training cost)
  • Encourage your employee to lead conversations with current clients to support business development so apprentices can turn smaller budgets into higher value, longer-term projects (aka manage scope creep)

Reduce the risk

  • Turn your company into a learning organization that prioritizes education and professional development to attract and keep the best talent and positions
  • Consider asking your employee to sign a longer-term employment contract to secure commitment and investment or split the cost

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