A panel session about the application and impact of apprenticeship within tech companies

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As technology bleeds its way into every human interaction and our web industry morphs into an Internet of Things, we’re faced with a problem: how do we prepare new hires for work that is changing right under our feet? Governments are scrambling to close the skills gap, companies can’t find and keep great talent, and graduates are struggling to pay loan debt while working for minimum wage and searching for career opportunities that often exclude entry level skills. Something is broken.

Meet a panel of experts who have been implementing another approach: apprenticeship. It’s an old concept with a new format. The apprenticeship is back. Maybe it never left.

Join us for a one-hour discussion on the application, format, and impact of modern day apprenticeships in tech.


  • Fundamentals: apprenticeship format, organization, and applications
  • Challenge and perks to implementation
  • Closing the skills gap in tech
  • Building inclusive teams
  • Creating a learning organization
  • Industry trends and learning standards

Meet your panelists

Dan Mall: Founder of Superfriendly and runner of internal design apprenticeships

Becca James: recent graduate of Viget’s first DPM apprenticeship

Robert Mulholand: Software Crafter, Mentor (and former apprentice) at 8th Light

Rachel Gertz: Trainer and Founder of first virtual apprenticeship program at Louder Than Ten

Moderator: TBA

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