Surviving…Thriving in Chaos!

Surviving…Thriving in Chaos!

Digital PM Summit


Wyndham Lake Buena Vista Orlando, FL USA

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Your boss walks out the door for that much-deserved two-week vaca­tion with full con­fi­dence that YOU GOT THIS!” And then…IT begins! All the balls start drop­ping at once and all the best groomed plans and faith­ful­ly applied method­olo­gies hit the skids. With your brain in full fight-or-flight mode, your instincts may not offer the best course forward.

What if over­whelm was an option­al track? How can we observe our teams or the cir­cum­stances in a way that ele­vates the out­come from mere­ly sur­viv­ing to thriving?

You’ll leave this ses­sion with a greater aware­ness of how we cre­ate our envi­ron­ments and under­stand why what you say may not be what is actu­al­ly communicated.

Here are some top­ics we’ll look at:

  • What authen­tic­i­ty as a project man­ag­er looks like
  • Con­fir­ma­tion bias
  • Choos­ing the team you have!
  • Over­whelm as an option­al outcome
  • Think­ing from the future
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Patti Epstein

I’m a Project Man­ag­er who under­stands dig­i­tal work­flows and best prac­tices. I didn’t always use the terms dis­cov­ery, project plan, wire­frames or CMS, but I man­aged teams and process­es that did those things.

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