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SuperHi Digital Project Management

A light-weight introduction to Louder Than Ten’s principles and approaches to digital project management

Length 8-weeks

Format Self-directed video lessons

Designed for

  • Individuals
  • Beginner PMs, freelancers, and team leads
  • Getting a taste of our curriculum


Digital Project Management Foundations

A deep dive into the foundational concepts of lean digital project management

Length 3 months

Format Remote training, support, and coaching

Designed for

  • Individuals and small agencies
  • New and experienced PMs and Producers
  • PMs ready to improve their practice and team process


Digital PM Operations Apprenticeship

Comprehensive training for project management flows and operations of running digital teams and projects

Length 8 months

Format Remote training, support, and coaching

Designed for

  • Small-to-medium sized agencies
  • Intermediate-to-experienced PMs and Producers
  • PMs ready to step up their careers and fundamentally improve the operations of their organizations


Custom training and consulting

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The team at Loud­er Than Ten has been instru­men­tal in help­ing us nail down our client fac­ing process­es so we can run a health­i­er, more sus­tain­able com­pa­ny. In less than a year, we’re aver­ag­ing 22% prof­it on projects (com­pared to when we were break­ing even) and we’re already exceed­ing our rev­enue goals this year. The pro­gram is incred­i­bly use­ful — we’re already plan­ning to put a sec­ond PM through in the near future so they learn great habits up front.

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