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Louder Than Ten Team

Anna Coe

Director of Strategy at Louder Than Ten.


Feet planted and head on the horizon

Anna is a director of strategy at Louder Than Ten. With feet planted in graphic design she’s worked in marketing, art and creative direction, and creative strategy across many sectors. She’s fascinated by technology and ideas that free people and communities to be themselves and be better to each other. She’s generally excited for her daughter Beatrice.

A little background

I work with the Louder Than Ten team to create the online and offline strategy for sales, marketing, and digital projects. I get to analyze our digital marketing channels, and methods, and direct the editorial strategy of Coax, our digital magazine. I also pour my love into graphic and illustrative design projects.

I’ve worked as a graphic designer, art director & creative director in London UK, Berlin and throughout the wild Canadian prairies. I’ve also collaborated with teams of all sizes in-house and as a consultant across all kinds of industries: hospitality, education, medical, not-profit, technology, and even corporate.

I’m a member of non-profit artist collective & studio, Burnt Toast and carry an interdisciplinary design degree (I majored in Visual Communication, minored in Business & Marketing). Here’s the thing about me: I’m not a specialist. I believe that a mixed, collaborative approach to marketing and creative problems means a more compelling approach.

What I believe

I believe that data tells a story. There’s so much info out there but at the end of the day, if you do it right, your reports tell the story of how your business connects to your community—it’s up to you how you make that mean something more than clicks or likes.

I believe in truth and sustainability in business—and in our communities. I believe in listening before offering prescriptive advice. I’d love to see digital businesses be true leaders: sustainable, two-sided marketplaces that give back to customers & employees as much as they take. I believe this is possible.

I believe in diversity. With a Taiwanese & British background, I believe we rewrite our future by acknowledging our past and standing up to our present. I believe in equality and in our role to flatten the playing field between genders of all kinds.

I believe we have to work tirelessly with each other to do it.

Here’s how I help

  • Branding & storytelling
  • Digital marketing
  • Graphic design
  • Creative direction
  • Data analysis
  • Team-first approaches


  • Graphic design USA, American Graphic Design Award
  • Print Magazine, Print Regional Design Award
  • Applied Arts, Advertising Award
  • Applied Arts, Advertising Award
  • HOW Magazine, Promotion & Marketing Design Award


  • HOW Magazine, LOOK section
  • GQ style, feature
  • Swissmiss, feature
  • Print magazine, Home & Kitchen Feature
  • Colette, Paris Helvetica exhibition

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