A portrait of Abby Fretz's wonderful face.


Abby Fretz

PM Trainer at Louder Than Ten.

Adaptable processes for adaptable PMs

I teach digital project management to project leads and their digital teams. I work with folks to help them create a framework for adaptable processes that work for their teams, projects, and their own PM practices.

Training and teaching is in my blood

I’m a trainer at Louder Than Ten where I teach and support keen apprentices who are learning the art and science of project management so they can support their teams. I’m also Director of Projects at Eastern Standard, a Philadelphia-based digital agency where I support a sharp team of project managers, UX Researchers, developers, and designers to continually refine our approach to project process and our craft.

It started with maps: geospatial software design

My story begins in 2005 at a geospatial software design company where I dove head first into the world of Agile product management. In 2012, after five years of Agile practice, I was thrilled to run digital projects and teams while working at several Philadelphia-based digital agencies. My love of teaching grew as I began teaching and mentoring in the field with GirlDevelopIt, lecturing at several continuing education programs at local universities, leading workshops for professional meetup groups, and most recently, consulting for digital agencies. I’m in love with learning and excited that I get to be a lifelong student as well as a teacher.

Communities mean everything

When I joined Happy Cog in 2013, I continued to speak and publish my work. Happy Cog’s involvement in the Digital PM Summit events (a first-of-its-kind conference series specifically for Digital PMs) introduced me to an increasingly active, international community of passionate DPMs. I’m dedicated to nurturing a community that supports one another, shares resources, and continues to revolutionize our respective industries.

I sure like bees

I’m also a ‘beek’—short for beekeeper: keeping bees in the city has given me the opportunity to learn from some of the most incredible project managers and teams in nature. Beekeeping makes me a better observer and a more patient human, and I understand effective team systems a whole heck of a lot more after spending so much time with these amazing communities of insects. They’ve also given me a ton of great project analogies and bee puns to pollinate virtually any conversation.