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Need sup­port? We’d give our left ear for these fine folks

Need a project man­ag­er, con­sul­tant, com­pa­ny, or spe­cial­ist to get projects and process­es ironed out? Hire these folks to help take care of business.

Freelance Project Managers

A portrait of Julia Koslov

Julia Koslov

Whether you have an existing PM or not, I inject value into small to medium sized digital and tech teams by auditing and updating your existing scoping, on0boarding and production process while finding ways to increase your profit margin and reduce overall stress across the team.

A portrait of Katie Bedford

Katie Bedford

I am a freelance digital project manager and strategist who knows how to apply design thinking to create products and services that meet your end user’s needs. I know how to motivate people to want to do their best work; and I do this while injecting a bit of fun into the everyday. I excel at paying attention to the details without losing sight of the big picture. Most importantly, when you work with me you can be sure that I will have the best interest of your organization at heart.

A portrait of Ben Monkhouse

Ben Monkhouse

Technology & Integrations
at Gibbons Whistler

Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada

Willing to relocate

A portrait of Becky Michelson

Becky Michelson

Boston, MA, USA

Willing to relocate

A portrait of Jennifer Shand

Jennifer Shand

Chicago, IL, USA

A portrait of Rachel Sims Baker

Rachel Sims Baker

Austin, TEXAS, USA

A portrait of Sarah Guadagno

Sarah Guadagno

Vancouver, BC, Canada