Process training for teams and their digital PMs

Process training for teams

Without great teams, your projects fail. Without smooth processes, your people fail. Let us show you a new way to run a sustainable studio, agency, internal team, or people first company that lets your people and processes drive your company’s sustainability. We’ll train you, help you design and implement project management processes, and support our digital community with events and resources that elevate us all.

Digital PM apprenticeship

Digital PMs are the lynchpin of your organization. They are natural business developers, strategists, relationship managers, and champions of your team. They keep your company profitable, help retain your talent, and run your projects smoothly.

If you’re hurting and you need a new PM—or your PM needs help, we’ve got your back. We’re rolling out a digital PM apprencticeship right now so we can train them in their natural environment.

You anchor the team; we help you sail

Process design isn’t a paint-by-number skill set. It’s art and architecture for the things people want to make and do online. As managers of teams, time, resources, and budgets, your PMs and creative leads are planners, helpers, fixers, comforters, and makers. They need the right tools to do the job.

They plan for the project tidal waves and the stakeholder storms. Waves that will knock them out of the boat, but they’ll keep going and swim to shore with every last team member in tow.

It’s a hard job. What’s yours?

You’re the lifeline, the anchor, and the captain of your people. They need you.

Let us be the wheel you rest on.

How we help

  • Process training for teams
  • PM training & hiring support
  • Workshops
  • Resources

We’re all project managers at heart, but digital is different

Here’s a little secret. Anyone who runs projects, reports to people, deals with expectations, and makes plans for the way people work is a project manager at heart. Project management is a business skill, not a title. The field is wide. But the field of digital project management is narrow and new. It’s specialized and changes faster than you can sputter its name. Remember, the internet only popped up in 1989…

  • Our web apps and sites have lifecycles and are reborn over and over
  • The technology that powers them morphs overnight
  • We’re still standardizing: so much of what we ‘know’ about the web is relative or evolving
  • We’re often managing both online and offline needs (people still want printed business cards and ads)

Want to know something interesting?

The majority of digital project managers aren’t certified. They’re often freelancers, designers, developers, and owners like you that have been plopped into project and product management roles. In fact, more than half of you don’t have any formal digital PM training at all. You just landed in the driver seat and dove right in. You might be hiring new PMs or training current ones. You might be updating processes or writing new ones. Wherever you are, we want to help you take back the wheel.

It’s dark out there. Let’s turn on the light

Until recently, there was very little support for people in this DPM niche. But there’s change hovering: communities of digital project managers are popping up around the world, they’re making more tools and resources and sharing them wide. That means our teams will get stronger.

The only thing left? Digital PM training that crosses over with process training for teams who want to be more comfortable and at ease with their craft.

That’s where we come in.

Our long term goal?

Behind the scenes, we’re building a digital school that immerses you in the skills of digital project management through practical training, real world application, psychology and science-based research—a full apprenticeship—so no matter where you are on your path, we’re here for you. But right now, we’re offering training and team support so we can help right away.

This is not a startup. Building courses takes time. Launching a school must be a thoughtful process—we need to construct it in a way that meets you where you are. That means you’re on this happy little journey with us. As we deconstruct and reconstruct layers of learning to create a curriculum that helps you master the ocean of project management knowledge and skills your team will need to be great at shepherding projects, remember your people make your company a more sustainable, valuable place to work. You have nothing without them.

Designed just for you

This school is for:

  • Digital PMs
  • Freelancers
  • Creative teams
  • Owners and team leads
  • People dying to learn the digital PM ropes

This, most fair friend, is your chance to move the dial…

What this school isn’t

This is, as you might have guessed, not a school to earn a PMP, or PRINCE2, Agile certification, or unicorn training. This school is for empathic, critical thinkers who want to know how to run digital projects from end to end while supporting their teams. This ain’t no watered down video course either. We’re going to get gritty and we’re going to make you stretch. Ready for that?

Let us help

What you do is important, and we’re here to uphold and support you: here’s to the owners, the veeps, all the digital project, product, and account managers, and the designers and developers who plan and practice process every day. We’re here for you and we’re here for your teams, too.

Love your projects and your people.

Rachel Gertz: Magician's assistant

Rachel Gertz

Partner, Digital PM Trainer

Trav's portrait.

Travis Gertz

Partner, Designer, Developer

Anna's portrait.

Anna Coe

Strategist, Designer

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