Student experience

The community that has your back

You’re not just getting training, you’re getting an engaged, supportive community of apprentices, alumni, and trainers who care about you.

Your cohort of life-long allies

Your cohort is your safe learning space. The small class sizes allow us to tailor the learning for you and your organization. Classmates often build deep bonds that extend beyond training.

Small cohorts for a custom experience

Up to 8 people per cohort

One dedicated trainer

The practically-in-person class experience

Our video-conferencing sessions are filled with realtime learning and humour as you get to know each other and your workflows.

Weekly 3-hour sessions taught over live video

Learn Louder Than Ten theory

Review assignments and build templates

Work through real-world challenges at work

This community gets you

Our vibrant and supportive community is your 24-hour support network.

Access the entire community in Slack

Access to all current apprentices, alumni, trainers, and support staff

Get help with assignments from alumns who have optimized their own systems

Lean on the community for support

An example of a Slack conversation

Weekly labs

Every Wednesday, the community comes together in Slack and over video to learn from each other and industry experts we bring in as guest speakers.

Featuring amazing speakers like:

Wednesday labs

See the community face-to-face in monthly video labs

Get help from industry guests in our monthly video Ask-me-anything sessions

Get support from the entire community in weekly Slack lab sessions


We want to make sure our training is working for you and your organization every step of the way. Your trainer is available for one-on-ones, and we’ll be doing regular catch-ups with you and your program sponsor to make sure we’re delivering value and helping you learn in the most supportive way possible.

Regular one-on-ones

Get help with concept application

Get assistance with sticky situations at work

Dive deeper into topics that matter to you

Become an expert

The best way to learn is to teach, and we’ll have your back with exercises and workshops that will get your team running smoother and more profitably.

Learn the why behind the what

How client services businesses operate

How to build systems that scale

How to teach your team and your clients

How to get alignment across stakeholders and teams

A screen shot of Nimber, our estimating tool

Thumb through the Louder Than Ten Library

You and your team get access to our curriculum content as well as over 300 templates and resources to instantly help tame those project snarls.

A wealth of knowledge for your whole team

Access to 300+ tools, templates, and resources

Access to Louder Than Ten curriculum

Access to exclusive estimating and pricing apps

A screenshot of our Resources page
A screenshot of our Notion workspace

Build your career

We go beyond teaching tactical skills for your current role. Our graduates are getting promoted to new roles in management and operations, speaking at conferences, and shaping how their organizations run.

Apprentices are making big career moves

Build confidence, practice, and knowledge to teach and present

Move into senior and director roles for project management and operations

Negotiate higher salaries and benefits

Appren­tice­ship alum­ni Pat­ti Epstein giv­ing her first talk, Thriv­ing in Chaos, at the 2019 Dig­i­tal PM Sum­mit in Orlan­do, Fl.

Lina Calin delivering a presentation at the 2018 Digital Project Management Summit

Alum­ni Lina Calin deliv­er­ing her first talk, The Impor­tance of Ask­ing Why,” at the 2018 Dig­i­tal PM Summit.

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