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3-month course

Digital Project Management Foundations

Design better processes for your teams and projects with our 3-month remote course.

Perfect for

  • Skills development
  • New and experienced PMs, Producers, and team leads
  • Improving processes in small agencies and internal teams
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8-month course

Digital PM Operations Apprenticeship

An 8-month comprehensive training program tailored for running better agencies and projects.

Perfect for

  • Career development
  • Newer and experienced PMs, Producers, and team leads
  • Fundamentally improving operations and processes in small-to-medium agencies and product teams
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3-months +

Custom training & consulting

Get your entire team synced up to the same beat. We’ll cus­tomize a pro­gram just for you.

Hire us for

  • Con­sult­ing and support
  • Cus­tomized courses
  • Coaching, professional development
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8-week video course

SuperHi Digital Project Management

Learn the basics of digital project management in partnership with SuperHi.

Perfect for

  • Learning at your own pace
  • Freelancers and team leads
  • Getting a taste of Louder Than Ten curriculum
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