Bring your projects back from the dead

PM First Aid: Bring your projects back from the dead

The Digital PM Summit

Forty-five minute break-out session

Hyatt Regency Austin 208 Barton Springs Rd Austin, TX 78704 United States

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We’ve all been there — neck deep in a project burning with fever and sliding off the rails. Blown budgets, steaming clients, a timeline doomed from the start. Join PM first responders, Carson and Rachel in the proverbial operating room for some intensive project first aid. We’ll lay the worst examples on the table, assess their vitals, and with your help, develop an emergency care plan to bring our projects back from the dead. Be prepared to get your hands dirty. This will be a fast-paced, intensive workshop filled with real-world case studies, including past horror stories from our very own DPM speakers. Like a brain zapping game of Operation, you’ll be in for one crazy ride.

You’ll learn:

  • How to assess your project’s vitals: the good, the bad, the just plain ugly
  • How to create an immediate care plan to stop the bleeding
  • How a prevention plan can keep your ongoing projects bright eyed while keeping your new ones out of the O.R.
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Rachel Gertz

Digital PM Trainer, BA B.Ed
Rachel Gertz is Co-founder and Digital PM Trainer at Louder Than Ten. She trains apprentices in digital project management so they can work full time while learning to keep their companies happy, healthy, and ready for the future. Rachel works on raising tides that float all boats to elevate the technology industry.

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Carson Pierce

PM Consultant, PMP, CSM Carson’s 15-year career in the digital space has included roles as a web developer, project manager, and production director. For six years in the middle of this journey, he ran his own digital marketing agency. Outside of work, Carson enjoys listening to unlistenable music and playing hockey poorly.