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Rachel Gertz


Partner, Digital PM Trainer at Louder Than Ten.


A quirky heart that loves people and their projects

Rachel Gertz is a Digital PM Trainer who helps digital project managers, freelancers, and creative teams through Louder Than Ten. She trains apprentices in digital project management so they can keep their organizations happy, healthy, and ready for the future. She strongly likes bourbon.

A little background

I train people who manage digital and creative projects in Canada, the US, and overseas as part of Louder Than Ten. This means teaching apprentices who can hone their critical thinking and strategic approaches to help automate their team’s communication, design/content processes, stakeholder expectation, estimating and scoping, and reporting workflows.

I love to speak and do workshops at local and international events, I chair the Vancouver DPM meetup and DPM Slack group. My love of learning and past experience is rooted in my English/Education teaching background and program development for both kids and adults.

If you look for me, I’ll be teaching DPM curriculum while listening to good ole’ Bobby Dylan, writing for our digital magazine, Coax, and supporting our wicked team.

Helping projects and people

I’ve been training individuals and teams and providing workshops since 2013, and have been a remote and in-house digital PM with several agencies in Canada and the US including our own studio since good old 2009. I’ve also been writing content since I had fingers and a spinal cord. Content strategy and UX came a bit later but anchors everything I do. I’ve got a love for and unique approach to content creation (it doesn’t come first; design and content go hand in hand) and research. These things cement our approach to project management. We believe it is a skill, not a role, and that everyone benefits from learning the ropes.

My partner, Travis and I recognize two things: first, there are a lot of silos and misinformation in our industry that create black holes of anxiety for independent contractors and full-size agencies. And two, we see a digital community that is getting stronger. We are doing whatever it takes to support this community and decrease barriers for people who are interested in doing creative work together. This means supporting PMs and their creative teams and encouraging everyone to learn more about each others’ roles. We also aim to help fix the intense shortage of project and product managers over the next few years as industries embrace the Internet of Things. We believe that, together, digital PMs and other project leaders are the lynchpins in this industry: they have the power to say no to bullshit project promises and no more lies. Now, we have to connect these communities around the world and start reshaping the industry.

We get immense joy from helping people be good at what they do. We’re excited about this odd future we get to help shape.

Bottom line

People who manage other people and their projects need love and support. They’re creative thinkers, they’re fun, they’re problem solvers. They cover asses and champion their teams. And for that reason and all of the above, I will spend my time supporting, celebrating, and upholding them.

Speaking events

  • Ground Control, London
  • Design & Content Conference, Vancouver
  • Vancouver Design Week, Vancouver
  • DPM Summit, Philly
  • DPM Summit, Austin
  • Trade School, Vancouver
  • Pecha Kucha, Calgary

Recent workshops

  • Words & pixels, Vancouver
  • Soap! Krakow
  • Giant Conference, Charleston
  • Every Day DPM workshop, Vancouver
  • Bureau of Digital; DPM Summit, Philly

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