A crash course in turn­ing project guess­es into authen­tic numbers

We’ve got a hunch that the dig­i­tal esti­mat­ing and scop­ing process isn’t all that rosy…

  • How many times has that big red guess of a num­ber on your pro­pos­als matched the amount you col­lect­ed in your bank account? 
  • How often do you blow 20%, 30%, 110% over your esti­mat­ed project bud­gets and absorb the loss­es with­out your client ever hav­ing a clue? 
  • How many times do you wake up num­ber crunch­ing because you missed a whole tier of hid­den func­tion­al­i­ty, but your require­ments list is final?
  • How many times do you let forth an ani­mal scream, wish­ing for a bet­ter way to track change requests and scope creep before they’ve tanked your timeline?

We, the daugh­ters and sons of dig­i­tal projects, have all suf­fered the net­tle sting brought on by poor scop­ing and esti­ma­tion. Maybe our sales lead agreed to a clien­t’s ridicu­lous bud­get and she passed the num­bers over the fence. Maybe our devel­op­ment team over­com­mit­ted, or the spec­i­fi­ca­tions jumped ship. Or maybe we sim­ply don’t know how much work our projects real­ly take. What­ev­er the case, the sticky sap of dig­i­tal frus­tra­tion stops today. Des­tiny is call­ing: she just told us you should start with this two-hour class for busi­ness own­ers, free­lancers, and dig­i­tal PMs. 

It’s time to take back the reigns.

Two-hour online class

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A portrait of Rachel Gertz

Rachel Gertz

Rachel Gertz is Co-founder and Dig­i­tal PM Train­er at Loud­er Than Ten. She trains tech com­pa­nies how to knock their old project man­age­ment flows upside down by refin­ing the most valu­able steps in the process. Rachel helps com­pa­nies under­stand what project num­bers real­ly mean, and how to turn blocks into oppor­tu­ni­ties to build strong rela­tion­ships with their teams, cus­tomers, and clients. Her mis­sion at Loud­er Than Ten is to trans­form the tech indus­try by train­ing dig­i­tal com­pa­nies how to give back pow­er to the peo­ple lead­ing their projects.