How to Build Effective Client Education

Sustaining the Project Honeymoon Phase: How to Build Effective Client Education

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Our client teams bring wildly different levels of digital expertise to a project. We often dive into a new project with a ton of mutual excitement, driven by our vision for what this digital masterpiece can be. Over time, as we deliver content, strategy, design, and dev deliverables, teams often start feeling frustrated with each other and increasingly less sure of what’s been agreed upon. What feels clear at the beginning of the project starts feeling muddier. Expectations for scope, functionality, and design start diverging. We hear from clients that they are confused about why they aren’t getting pixel-perfect comps for every screen in their project, or how they thought they would be able to change all the colors of the site on a whim.

Take a moment! Rather than vilifying a client for not ‘getting it’ or for being badly behaved, we as digital project leads, should take a step back and examine what we might have missed or failed to explain. Educating a client who has very little digital expertise can feel daunting, but there are several basic education principles we can deploy that will enable us to consistently, quickly come up with simple AND powerful educational assets for a client.

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Abby Fretz

Abby is a trainer at Louder Than Ten and is passionate about connecting people interested in DPM to access to the right set of tools and resources. She has taught Digital Project Management classes for Girl Develop It, guest lectured at University of the Arts’ continuing education program, co-chairs DPM Philly, and mentors people interested in entering or honing their craft in the field of digital project management.

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