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Design & Content Conference

30 minute talk

SFU Goldcorp Centre for the Arts 149 W Hastings St Vancouver, BC Canada

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On the web, everything looks the same. Let’s fix that. Instead of a first or last approach, let’s look at design and content in tandem.

We’re going to walk you through a straightforward design and content approach that bites its thumb at boring trends without compromising the effectiveness of your UIs. Learn the business case behind flexible content and design systems that you won’t need to sell to your clients. We’ll teach you great ways to source, gather, position, and improve your content while giving examples of how design can create stronger microcopy, editorial messaging, and calls to action. By the end of this talk, you’ll be dying to trade your Open Sans and coffee cup headers for something a little bolder. Prepare your marketing team. They might not be ready for this.

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Rachel Gertz

Digital PM Trainer, BA B.Ed
Rachel Gertz is Co-founder and Digital PM Trainer at Louder Than Ten. She trains apprentices in digital project management so they can work full time while learning to keep their companies happy, healthy, and ready for the future. Rachel works on raising tides that float all boats to elevate the technology industry.

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Travis Gertz

Travis Gertz is both a designer and partner at Louder Than Ten. He went to school to design magazines, ended up designing apps, and now does everything he can to bring those things together. He is not a machine.

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