Calling all designers and writers. You do the web great. Let’s push it further together.

Full-day workshop

Louder Than Ten HQ #306 Abbott St
Room 6
Vancouver, BC Canada

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We can do better than vanilla headlines floating on top of coffee cup stock photos. That there’s more to life than 12 columns of Open Sans. And that tagline about “designing experiences”? Done. To. Death.

Now’s the time to band together. We’re going to break out of our silos, tear apart our habits, and put our processes into question. Content first? Leave that for the amateurs. We’re going to demonstrate the power of content and design together.

So let’s get down and dirty with our trusty pencils and open minds for a full day of writing and design collaboration at our studio in the heart of Gastown in Vancouver.

Bring your creativity. We’ll supply everything else (including tasty things to fill your belly and fuel your brain). Together, we’re going to learn how to take the web from meh to magnificent.

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Write better copy

It ain’t all about looks, bud. Sexy aesthetics filled with weak words is the web equivalent of Pauly D trying to win Jeopardy. You’re gonna need more than Gym Tan Laundry to stand out in this world. I mean, unless you’re Donald Trump. But you don’t want to be like that, do you?

Get ready, we’re gonna…

Develop crushing concepts

We can talk about typefaces, grids, and UI components all day, but what about the conceptual side of design? We can learn a lot from the great editorial designers and art directors before us. The web is missing the rich visual language that powers print, despite the unprecedented potential our dynamic medium affords us. Together, we’re going to build strong visual concepts that work exclusively with our content, and never look at those coffee cup stock photos again.

We’re gonna…

Put it into practice

What good is a fancy concept without a way to execute? We’re going to take everything we learn about art and copy, and develop real-world strategies for implementing your crazy ideas without breaking the budget.

We’ll look at…

Who’s this for?

What to expect


Louder Than Ten HQ

Our Gastown studio is nestled inside of InFocus Film School on Abbott and Cordova. Its cosy interior is set up perfectly for a day of sketching, writing, and collaborating.

We’ll be supplying materials as well as coffee (courtesy of TeamPassword), and snacks and beer (courtesy of Craft) to keep those hearts and brains malleable.

306 Abbott St.
Vancouver, BC

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Now till Oct 28th, 2016

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Rachel Gertz

Digital PM Trainer, BA B.Ed
Rachel Gertz is Co-founder and Digital PM Trainer at Louder Than Ten. She trains apprentices in digital project management so they can work full time while learning to keep their companies happy, healthy, and ready for the future. Rachel works on raising tides that float all boats to elevate the technology industry.

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Travis Gertz

Travis Gertz is both a designer and partner at Louder Than Ten. He went to school to design magazines, ended up designing apps, and now does everything he can to bring those things together. He is not a machine.

Kenneth Ormandy's pretty face.

Kenneth Ormandy is an independent designer specializing in web typography. Based in Vancouver, he organizes Type Brigade, one of the best-attended type meetups in North America. He regularly contributes to The Lost Type Co-op, where his typeface Implicate will be available this year.

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