Send us a part­ner, we’ll send you $200

Like our pro­grams? Know some­one you who should sign up? Here’s how it works…

Connect us over email

Make an email introduction between your contact and our Cofounder Rachel, and BCC: We’ll take it from there. If you introduce us and they sign up for our remote training courses, consulting, or Apprenticeship, we’ll send you $200 CAD after they make their first payment.

Partners we love

Ideally, we’re looking for these types of businesses

  • Companies who have 5 people or more
  • Have been in business for 5 years or more
  • Have a PM, need a PM (or coordinator, producer, account person)
  • Need process or operations support
  • Are not jerks
  • Are not ‘traditional advertising agencies’ at the mercy of behemoth client deadlines and tempers
  • Seem open to process improvement and looking after their workers
  • Meet our Healthy companies | Reference criteria

Fine print

  • The referral doesn’t apply if the same company employs you—contracting is fine (otherwise, conflict of interest)
  • You get paid when you introduce us and they join an apprenticeship, course, or close a contract with us for consulting or coaching (workshops aren’t included)

Need a script?

Feel free to use or adapt this template for your referral message:

Hi [blank],

I wanted to introduce you to Rachel Gertz, CEO and Trainer at Louder Than Ten. They run Digital PM and Ops training programs that help project leads improve their skills while on the job. They make sure learners are dialled into how profitability and sustainable operational systems work in digital agencies, departments, and studios.

Rachel, meet [contact name]. [Something nice about them]. I think you two would have lots to talk about. I’ll leave it to the two of you take it from here.

[Your name]