Send us a part­ner, we’ll send you $200

Like our pro­gram? Know some­one you who should sign up? Here’s how to make the con­nec­tion good for all of us.

Connect us over email

Make an email introduction between your contact and our Cofounder Rachel, and BCC: We’ll take it from there. If you introduce us and they sign up for our courses or apprenticeship, we’ll send you $200 CAD after they make their first payment.

Partners we love

Ideally, we’re looking for these types of businesses

  • Companies who have 5 people or more
  • Have been in business for 5 years or more
  • Have a PM, need a PM
  • Need process or operations support
  • Are not jerks
  • Are not ‘traditional advertising agencies’ at the mercy of behemoth client deadlines and tempers
  • Meet our Healthy companies | Reference criteria

Need a script?

Feel free to use or adapt this template for your referral message:

Talk to us.

Learn more about our programs and find out how we can turn your project leads into loveable hardasses.