Send us a partner, we’ll send you $200

Like our program? Know someone you who should sign up? Here’s how to make the connection good for all of us.

Connect us over email

Make an email introduction between your contact and our Cofounder Rachel, and BCC: We’ll take it from there. If they sign up for an apprenticeship, we’ll send you $200 CAD after they put down their first payment.

Partners we love

Ideally, we’re looking for these types of businesses

  • Companies who have 5 people or more
  • Have been in business for 5 years or more
  • Have a PM, need a PM
  • Need process or operations support
  • Are not jerks
  • Are not advertising agencies
  • Meet our Healthy companies | Reference criteria

Need a script?

Feel free to use or adapt this template for your referral message:

Talk to us.

Learn more about our programs and find out how we can turn your project leads into loveable hardasses.