Lallygag a second longer. These pages are spellbinding.

Okay, enough book jokes, just read these gems.

Project management

A practical guide to modern project management. It’s being written right now. Read it for free.

The name says it all: practical walkthrough written by a great guy who understands our culture, our history, and our human patterns and how they all fit together to make project bliss.

A quick read about how checklists used in a variety of industries have saved time, lives, and heaps loads of patience. Read it.

Learn how to improve your relationships with existing clients and how to build stronger relationships with new clients.

A great summary of how to approach project estimation by focusing on data and 90th percentile confidence rates.

This book digs deep into the core of digital project management, through the techniques and into our hearts. A must read for anyone managing digital projects.

A great way to beef up the documentation and process side of your PM bag of tricks. Way less wordy than PMBOK or other resources. Not for digital so much as an overview of PM, but still a great resource.

A fantastic book by Brett Harned (and featuring our very own Rachel Gertz). Learn how to better estimate and plan tasks, scout and address issues before they become problems, and communicate with and hold people accountable.

This book isn’t just for your physical spaces. The principles allow you to clear clutter from your brain and focus on tidying up your projects. For good.

The Power of Habit argues that most of our basic actions are not actually the product of well-considered decision making, but of habits that we often do not realize exist. After taking you through laboratories, board rooms, and classrooms to harness this new science, this book will have you planning all the ways you can shake up your team and your processes.

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