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Tiny Bio

A brief descrip­tion of your client, their spe­cial­ties, and their love­ly and irri­tat­ing qualities.

The team

In addition to the following core contacts, there is a VP and a six-person board of directors with members of the Canadian government and McGill University.

Disclaimer: Any similarities between these characters and real-life people are completely coincidental.

Assets & resources

Goodies for your exercises and project plans.


  • Tiny Bio team portraits and avatars
  • Tiny Bio project research
  • Original Tiny Bio Logos
  • Tiny Bio logo concepts
  • Final tiny Bio logos

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Director of Marketing (point of contact)

Morgan Zafar



5 years experience
Previously: Marketing lead at life sciences agency


  • Communication style: Socializer, Thinker
  • Friendly and warm; witty
  • Sometimes won’t respond if she’s not sure how to answer
  • Needs all info to make a decision
  • Often makes last minute suggestions that impact scope
  • Respects decisions when business case presented
  • Can be sensitive to criticism of her ideas and contributions


  • Writes short, sometimes unclear emails late at night
  • Loves to use video chat to communicate
  • Works a ton of overtime in her startup role

CEO (secondary stakeholder)

Reagan Du



8 years experience
Previously: Engineering lead at robotics company


  • Communication style: Director, Thinker
  • Calm and unflappable
  • Committed to continuous improvement
  • Likes to get the facts and get down to business
  • Wants to have all the details before making a decision
  • Avoids small talk
  • Doesn’t like video calls


  • Always travelling and difficult to schedule for meetings
  • Can miss important project deadlines because of overwork
  • Will send rushed emails and texts that sometimes lack context

Lead Hardware Engineer

Oli Jackson




  • Lead the team building the nanobots

Lead Software Engineer

Taylor Lemieux




  • Build the API and backend of the Tiny Bio application (for data collection, analysis,)—this is the part of the application that connects the actual nanobot actions to the researchers and engineers who will evaluate and improve them
  • Build the researcher interface so researchers can track and improve nanobots (not what the patients will see)
  • Work with Eleven to support the connection of the API that will pull the data that patients need to access

Code stack

  • Python

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