VANCOUVER, BC, March 2017 – Vancouver based Louder Than Ten is announcing the first apprenticeship program for digital project management (DPM), The Louder Than Ten Apprenticeship.

The apprenticeship model, is an immersive and practical learning approach that’s been used in countless trades for centuries but has been largely overlooked in the tech and design industries. Apprentices learn through a mix of practice, simulation, and theory delivered via video conferencing and chat with professional trainers and their peers. Students benefit by safely applying newfound approaches & best practices in a supportive, industry environment without having to give up a paycheck. By specializing in project management skills, employers see an immediate return in project revenue, operational efficiencies, employee retention, and a wider, more diverse talent pool.

“The great thing about an apprenticeship model is that it’s applied learning— apprentices put their skills to practice after the first week. Great project management skills can shave up to 50% or more off project overages straight away. When you consider the average project runs over by 27%, you’re actually making money by investing in your team’s business and management skills.” – Trainer & Co-founder, Rachel Gertz

How does it work?

Remote trainers deliver a year of training and support to groups of up to 6 apprentices completing in-class project simulations and real-world projects for their employers. Apprentices commit 5-10 hrs per week to classroom time and homework, leaving the remaining time open for working and gaining experience.

Who is it for?

Digital project management skills exist in many titles at all levels of an organization. A future apprentice might currently fill the role of a team lead or a senior creative, a project manager, producer, coordinator, account manager, owner, or even someone new to the industry that has the right personality traits. Organizations looking for more focused support can enroll in an exclusive program for their team. The small class sizes support people of all learning styles, experience levels, and backgrounds, and give each apprentice plenty of support and guidance.

Diversity & Inclusivity

Training the untrained means broadening the pool of applicants to include folks that might not look the same, think the same, do things the same way or have the same opportunities as you. Breaking this sameness in the tech sector means breaking into new ideas and approaches that differ from the waves of increasingly similar products and solutions on the market today. Digital project management offers a non-technical gateway into the technology sector, and the apprenticeship model offers an accessible, affordable, and human-paced transfer of skills, knowledge, and experience.

“Technology is advancing at a pace where large centralized educational institutions have an increasingly difficult time staying up to date with modern practices and approaches. Yet, businesses are squeezed to re-educate and modernize their teams in order to compete. That’s where an apprenticeship approach to DPM brings real value—in an agile learning environment, DPM apprentices are trained as leaders in new and rapid digital practices. When you invest in this style of learning, your apprentice quickly invests these modernized skills right back into your organization." – Co-founder, Travis Gertz

About Louder Than Ten will relaunch in April of 2017 as a digital apprenticeship when it opens enrolment to the public. The first class begins in May.

Organizations can register an individual or a full team for the twelve-month training program, or test the waters with a three-month, custom support package.

More information about the apprenticeship is available at

Since it’s founding in 2009, Louder Than Ten has provided expert DPM and leadership consulting, creative and digital services, delivered talks and educational workshops, and taken a leadership role with Vancouver Digital Project Managers community and in the DPM community at large through the online magazine, coax.

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