Our one-year training program creates strategic project leads who run healthy projects, strengthen happy teams, and support nimble digital agencies, departments, and product studios.

1 year apprenticeship

Virtual people and project management training for modern digital agencies, departments, and product studios.

8 months of weekly online classes and labs

12 months of coaching and support

Up to 6 apprentices per cohort

Apprentices work with you while they learn remotely with us.

Learn by proxy

Your whole org gets access to our comprehensive curriculum and resources. So while your apprentice gets live weekly training, they also bring back actionable workshop ideas, guides, and smart templates that help your team and processes improve continuously. A ripple effect that shapes the whole team.

For your apprentice

One-on-one access to trainers

24/7 support from peers and community managers in our Slack community

A safe practice environment and simulations to apply new learning

Practical exercises they can take back to the team in real-time

Tailored workshops that challenge your thinking and improve your craft

For your whole team

Lifetime access to over 500 pages of exclusive curriculum

A massive, growing list of templates, resources, and helpful guides

Access to Nimber, our pricing and estimating tool

Access to monthly AMA sessions with industry professionals

Continuous improvement sessions led or supported by your budding apprentice

Big picture, healthy  projects

Apprentices learn the soft yet essential skills along with the hard ones that transform reactionary processes into a proactive approach.

Plus, they learn how to scope, estimate, schedule and resource projects in a way that supports the health of your whole organization. They think outside the triangle.

Some of our fantastic partners

Dedicated to putting their people first.

Good words from Good Work

When your producers are aligned with leadership goals, it’s magic. Good Work Founder Garrett Winder of Dallas, Texas took the apprenticeship with Studio Manager Ariel Kidwell. Having alignment from day one gave them an immediate advantage when implementing new concepts and developing new processes to increase profits and focus on smoother, more productive projects and workflows.

Black and white photo of Ariel Kidwell

I don’t even know if I could say I was a real project manager before I took the Apprenticeship as I’m pretty sure the projects managed me. Louder Than Ten transformed Good Work’s internal and client-facing processes, and we’re already seeing positive revenue results in less than a year. Personally, it gave me the confidence to tackle projects as a partner with our clients and communicate in a way that laid a solid foundation for projects to move efficiently and successfully.

The team at Louder Than Ten has been instrumental in helping us nail down our client facing processes so we can run a healthier, more sustainable company. In less than a year, we’re averaging 15–20% profit on projects (compared to when we were breaking even) and we’re already exceeding our revenue goals this year. The program is incredibly useful—we’re already planning to put a second PM through in the near future so they learn great habits up front.

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This program pays for itself

Successful organizations are seeing reduced overages and increased revenue within months.

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Without a doubt, Louder Than Ten has produced an instrumental shift in our business. By providing a deep understanding of how project managers can work effectively and profitably on a team, Louder Than Ten has given us the tools we need to take our agency to the next level. Having worked with many project managers on both sides of client services, I can say without hesitation that the level of work our PM is doing after a few short months with Louder Than Ten is miles ahead of industry norms. We’ve seen our most profitable year ever, and we know that Louder Than Ten played no small role in that.

Justin Sainton Zao

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