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How to set an ace pace and tone dur­ing client onboarding

Client onboard­ing is a walk in the park if you have a flash­light and the right map. Loud­er Than Ten Co-founder Rachel Gertz lights the way.

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That’s prob­a­bly because you’re an imposter

Reina Gat­tuso argues that our imposter syn­drome is good for us and, rather than telling our­selves that we’re respon­si­ble for our own suc­cess, we should con­front the sys­temic dis­crim­i­na­tion and patho­log­i­cal indi­vid­u­al­ism inher­ent to west­ern society.

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Thoughts on fos­ter­ing diver­si­ty and inclu­sion in tech

Lina Calin offers a map for get­ting out of the homo­ge­neous echo cham­bers that the tech indus­try has become known for. The first step is real­iz­ing that under­neath our dif­fer­ent titles and job descrip­tions, we are all just people.

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