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How to esti­mate projects (and how not to)

Patrice Embry shares the heart­break­ing sto­ry of PMs who have left agen­cies due to poor esti­mat­ing process­es and a lack of sup­port from man­age­ment that puts teams in jeop­ardy — and a bet­ter, safer approach to esti­ma­tion that ele­vates everyone.

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It’s time to step up and become lead­ers of our industry.

PMs make sure their projects and peo­ple are looked after. Now, we have an even big­ger call­ing. Natal­ie Sem­czuk tell us how we can be the cham­pi­ons of big­ger things like equal­i­ty, edu­ca­tion, and new stan­dards that make our indus­try a thing we can be proud of.

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