Get better at managing the things you make online

Your team can’t do great work without a process that works just as well.

Is your team healthy?

Teams can crash 50–100% over budget on projects or sprints due to the following:

  • weak project management
  • unfocused communication
  • tools set up without a clear process
  • or a lack of confidence communicating with stakeholders.

Even worse: sometimes they become invisible numbers because the team silently makes up for the gaps by slogging harder and working more overtime. Our goal is to identify the root causes of these problems and empower teams to be involved in the changes that will make them happier at work while making their organizations more profitable and sustainable.

Start with the right amount of research

To get us started, this six to eight week research & support package involves us sitting down with you and your teammates to gather data and evidence about:

  • Your current process and workflow
  • Tool and resourcing gaps
  • Communication styles and approaches
  • Risk assessment
  • Project profitability and drag
  • Budgeting and scoping methods

Close the gaps. Roll out the plan

Next, we analyze your gaps for patterns and make recommendations based on what type of support you’d benefit from: team workshops, PM or process training, workflow design, resources, templates.

While we make recommendations, we also train your team how to make small refinements that won’t break or bend them out of shape. This lets them breathe while we outline a longer term plan to support you…

Many of the problems that crop up in our orgs are directly related to how we set and clarify stakeholder expectations. Yet, most teammates are awful at having tough conversations.

The result? You make assumptions and promise your teams or clients things you can’t deliver. You ignore the stinky elephant in the room. As an industry, this is collective suicide, and the only way we bail ourselves out is to make the commitment to stop throwing ourselves and each other under the bus—one project or product at a time.

Your team comes first

We emphasize long-term engagements and partner with organizations and companies who put their people first.

Some of the partners we’ve helped


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Training for

Creative studios

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Internal creative teams

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Process Designer & Consultant, BA B.Ed

Rachel Gertz is a consultant and trainer who helps creative teams through Louder Than Ten. She fine tunes collaborative processes through business strategy, behavioural science, and problem-based learning approaches. She drinks bourbon.

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