We’ve got some of the smartest folks in the industry training and supporting apprentices.

Louder Than Ten began in 2009 as a design and development studio that loved process but broke all the rules. Since then, our company has evolved into a team of passionate folks shaping and training the digital project leaders of the future.

Abby Fretz's pretty face.

PM Trainer

Abby Fretz

Abby is a trainer at Louder Than Ten and is passionate about connecting people interested in DPM to access to the right set of tools and resources. She has taught Digital Project Management classes for Girl Develop It, guest lectured at University of the Arts’ continuing education program, co-chairs DPM Philly, and mentors people interested in entering or honing their craft in the field of digital project management.

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Director of Strategy

Anna Coe

Anna is the Director of Strategy at Louder Than Ten. With feet planted in graphic design she’s worked in marketing, art and creative direction, and creative strategy across many sectors. She’s fascinated by technology and ideas that free people and communities to be themselves and be better to each other. She’s generally excited for her daughter Beatrice.

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Managing Editor

Marshall Watson

Marshall Watson is a workshop facilitator at Louder Than Ten and the Managing Editor of Coax Magazine. He also manages research and communications for The Federation of Community Social Services of BC. He loves cats and doesn’t trust fish.

Rachel Gertz's pretty face.

Co-founder, Digital PM Trainer

Rachel Gertz

Digital PM Trainer, BA B.Ed
Rachel Gertz is Co-founder and Digital PM Trainer at Louder Than Ten. She trains apprentices in digital project management so they can work full time while learning to keep their companies happy, healthy, and ready for the future. Rachel works on raising tides that float all boats to elevate the technology industry.

Travis Gertz's pretty face.

Co-founder, Designer, Program developer

Travis Gertz

Travis Gertz is both a designer and partner at Louder Than Ten. He went to school to design magazines, ended up designing apps, and now does everything he can to bring those things together. He is not a machine.

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