You can’t afford to lose any more PMs or any more sleep. Projects are the lifeblood of your agency. They keep the lights on.

Recently, we talked with our community about a phenomenon known as organizational trauma. It’s when you keep repeating the same company patterns regardless of how many new people are hired to fix the problem. When you have to replace a role two or three times, it’s not the person, it’s the system that’s broken. When you lose your PMs or leads repeatedly, your trauma is that you don’t or can’t create PM Operations that protect them.

From burnout. From disillusionment. From project heartbreak.

And when you lose your PMs and leads (in body or in spirit because they check out), you lose revenue, you lose trust, and you lose control.

Get PM Ops back on track

If you’re trying to figure out how to get things back on track as the sky falls around you, the answer is probably not Harvest Forecast. It’s ‘fix your PM operations’—great PMs who deliver effortless projects can save your company. They can…

  • Teach their delivery teams the language of client expectation management
  • Track and generate ROI for clients
  • Reset project scopes and upsell as well as the best account managers.

And you know where those great PMs come from? Great training. Ours.

We just relaunched our team training program, and we’re damn excited about the results: we’ll consult with you, your directors, your PMs, and delivery leads. Show you what the real issues are (no, it’s not a tool problem, it’s not a time tracking problem, and it’s probably not apathy). Together, we’ll:

  • Identify your bleed outs
  • Build an ops roadmap
  • Turn hope into action with customized training sessions for your PM and delivery teams you can start putting those pieces of blue sky back where they belong.

Hope is a powerful thing.

And when your PM and delivery team have hope, you have a very good future ahead of you. We can restore that hope.

Project Management Operations Consulting and Training for Digital Agencies

Loud­er Than Ten’s approach is fab­u­lous: very flex­i­ble, and adapt­able. Out­­­comes-focused. Inclu­sive. They have incred­i­ble facil­i­ta­tors. And we’ve worked with quite a few, maybe a dozen, over the last few years. Loud­er Than Ten eas­i­ly ranks in the top two or three.

They have an abil­i­ty to empa­thet­i­cal­ly under­stand the clien­t’s side — what they’re going through, what change would look like for them, and how they would go about chang­ing. They also know the amount of polit­i­cal or social cap­i­tal that would be need­ed to make these changes.”

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