Why scope creep is your friend

You’re halfway through your project when a new board member shows up at the table and slaughters your designs—and your roadmap. That, my friend, is something we call business scope creep. Do you know what to do next? How will you renegotiate when Tuesday hits and a creep lands on your plate?

Just like Sloth from the Goonies, scope creep is terrifying when you don’t understand it. But when you look past its scary surface, it can save your life (or at least your agency’s). To steer your project in the right direction, you have to take the reins. Meeting privately with that new board member allows you to halt any ego-driven hero moves, pause, get alignment, and rescope your project roadmap (new faces mean new out of scope opinions). The clincher: that board member might be your best opportunity to rekindle trust in your relationship, increase project value, and make sure you get paid for the work you do.

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We relaunched Louder Than Ten!

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We just relaunched our site. Aside from the new pages, be on the lookout for the next hundred things coming down the pipe full force. We’ve been busy bees this year.

Stay tuned for:

  • More case studies
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I’ve got questions…

  • How can we take the lead and design more equitable organizational models for our industry?
  • Which organizations are you partnering with to help underrepresented folks get into technology and leadership positions?
  • How might we create a collective safety net to support each other as agencies who want to offer better benefits, short term leave, and more training and education opportunities?
  • How might smaller agencies share a PM or coordinator if they can’t yet hire full-time?

Got some ideas? I want to hear from you.

From the #bookshelf

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