Project management’s dark history

Content warning: This email and the talk it links to touch on disturbing subject matter, including slavery, that still actively causes harm within society.

As a PM, you hold the power to enact sustainable, ethical work processes that put people first. The power to increase your company’s margins without pushing your team anywhere near the brink of exhaustion. The power to reject rigidity and embrace the fact that we employ human beings—not robots—and being a human being is messy. as. hell. But PM power hasn’t always been a force for good.

In my latest workshop for the Vancouver Digital Project Manager meetup, I wanted to shine a light on the Dark History of PM, and how it:

  • Was created so we could ruthlessly treat human beings like economic units
  • Relied on the work of folks like Henry Gantt, whose family owned 66 enslaved men, women, and children, and whose tool many orgs still use today
  • Revolved around the sole idea of maximizing profit and minimizing risk no matter the human cost
  • Was optimized in the 1950s for the purpose of military operations

And if you think all of this is neatly tucked away in the past, we hate to be the bearer of bad news. Today’s practices mimic these systems with things like:

  • Punch cards and strict time tracking that goes down to the second
  • Companies using remote work to justify longer working hours
  • Surveillance apps that track productivity (and punishment for not meeting goals)
  • Companies that read through employee outbound emails
  • The cultural concept of the tyranny of work which tells us we are born to work and that work is our identity

You have the power to help your teams feel free. And free’s how we all deserve to feel.

Don’t worry, we’ve got ideas for how to change the future towards the end.

Watch ‘The Dark History of PM’ here:

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