The Dig­i­tal PM

A com­pre­hen­sive 8‑month train­ing program for reconnecting your people, projects, and digital operations.

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Our 8‑month remote digital project management operations appren­tice­ship cre­ates strategic mini COOs, dig­i­tal project man­agers, and pro­duc­ers who build align­ment, design bet­ter process­es, and increase project value.

93% of graduates recoup training fees within four months

100% customized for digital agencies and departments

200+ successful agencies and product studios trained

Make more money

Increased project profitability

More consistent cash flow

Higher salaries, more growth

Design leaner processes

Customized to your organization

Tighter transitions between phases

Connect the big picture to the details

Build stronger relationships

Smoother onboarding for clients and teams

Build emotional intelligence

Get alignment between stakeholders

Anticipate risk and complexity

Catch scope creep before it happens

Leverage positive risks for big wins

Communicate priorities confidently

Go beyond the iron triangle

Understand business operations

Transform requests into future work

A framework to scope, estimate, and resource

Navigate unsteady seas

Owners can take their hands off the wheel

Equitable distribution of power and responsibility

Learn how to adapt to changing tides

Up to 8 people per cohort

24 modules designed for digital

Access to 300+ resources

Weekly 3-hour remote training sessions

Join our Louder Than Ten Slack community

Weekly labs & support

27+ sessions delivered live through video

8-month course

169+ hours of digital project management operations training

24 course modules

Intro to your apprenticeship

The for­mat, out­comes, and expec­ta­tions for train­ing and a high-lev­el descrip­tion of the project man­age­ment role and skillset

You, your orga­ni­za­tion, and your team

Get famil­iar with your organization’s goals and process­es, and develop useful KPIs

Sales and project intake

Learn how to create alignment between sales and PM teams and upsell valuable projects

Stakeholder onboarding and setup

Smooth your project transition from intake to project start, built trust with stakeholders, and organize your team

Peo­ple, roles, and personalities

How to evaluate and build alignment with stakeholders and communicate in their language

Peo­ple skills and team building

How to cham­pi­on your team and unpack lim­it­ing beliefs

Discovery, research, and communication plans

How to lead an amazing kickoff, facilitate good research, and assemble a solid communication plan

Effortless collaboration

How to exe­cute intuitive collaboration ses­sions, check-ins, ret­ro­spec­tives, and updates

Project plans and important docs

A first-prin­ci­ples approach to lock down your scope and expectations

Set­ting your prices

A smart way to set target rates and prices, when to use them, and how to bill

Intro to project scoping

How to define, simplify, and control the requirements that make up your project

The art of prioritization

How to laser focus your time, and pri­or­i­tize projects and tasks

Man­ag­ing scope creep

Learn the four types of scope creep that haunt your projects and how turn these ene­mies into project gold

Water­fall and the Lean approach

How depen­den­cies and lean prin­ci­ples impact your project approach

Agile, Kanban, and hybrid approaches

How flexible planning and iterative development impact your project

Estimating projects

How to apply smart estimates and useful ranges in project management

Risks & red flags

The ins and outs of mit­i­gat­ing risk, rec­og­niz­ing red flags, and apply­ing mod­i­fiers to your projects

Project scheduling

Intuitive schedules, time boxing, calendars, and deadlines

Resourcing and capacity management

How to plan for the right people, doing the right amount of work, at the right times

Man­ag­ing changes

Smart systems for doc­u­ment­ing feed­back, requests, approvals, and guid­ing turnarounds

Mind­ing project metrics

The impor­tant project and org num­bers, graphs, and data you need to monitor

Maintenance and future phases

The process, mindset, and agreements required for long-term relationships

Project Plan presentations

Finesse your PM presentation skills and delivery

Future of PM

What’s next for project leads and how to make the most of your learning

Louder Than Ten Certified Project Lead Badge

Certificate on completion

Certified Digital
Project Lead

Perfect for

  • Digital Project Coordinators, Managers, and Producers
  • Design & Development Leads
  • 5–120 person agencies and product studios
  • Digital departments
  • Folks who have never had formal training

You’ll be in great company

The 13-person Good Work team is all smiles, having dinner at a picnic table outside

Good Work

This mobile & web development team’s process is just plain great.

The 16 member Developer Society team in their studio

The Developer Society

These idealists, technologists, creatives, and activists are shaping the new world. And we helped shape their process.

Friendly Design Co.

Friendly Design turned their clients into lifelong fans

Friendly Design Co
The Scenery
Archive Digital
Canales & Co
Post Projects


Weekly 3 hour remote classes with your cohort

One-on-ones with your trainer

24/7 peer support in our Slack community

Exercises tailored to your agency

Learn how to train your team

500+ pages of original curriculum

300+ templates, resources, and guides

Access to Nimber, our estimating tool

Monthly AMAs with industry professionals

Workshops and processes delivered by your apprentice

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Frequently asked questions

How long is the Dig­i­tal PM Oper­a­tions Apprenticeship?

The Dig­i­tal PM Oper­a­tions Appren­tice­ship fea­tures 23 course mod­ules that are offered over the course of 8 months. 

The Deluxe plan adds an addi­tion­al four months of sup­port and coach­ing, mak­ing it a 12-month course.

Who is this course for?

The Dig­i­tal PM Oper­a­tions Appren­tice­ship is designed for project man­agers, own­ers, direc­tors, or project leads. We espe­cial­ly love work­ing with small to medi­um sized dig­i­tal agen­cies, con­sul­tan­cies, prod­uct stu­dios, and inter­nal teams.

Do I need to have project man­age­ment expe­ri­ence to take the Dig­i­tal PM Oper­a­tions Apprenticeship?

Most peo­ple who take our appren­tice­ship have some expe­ri­ence as a project man­ag­er or coor­di­na­tor. How­ev­er, there are many job titles that involve duties sim­i­lar to that of a project man­ag­er, even if project man­ag­er” isn’t in their name. Here are some of the most com­mon roles peo­ple have when they join our training: 

  • Project lead
  • Account Man­ag­er
  • Own­er
  • Direc­tor
  • Free­lancer
  • Direc­tor of Operations 
  • Pro­duc­tion Specialist
  • Event man­ag­er
  • Man­ag­er
  • Coor­di­na­tor
What is the dif­fer­ence between the Appren­tice­ship and the Dig­i­tal Project Man­age­ment Foun­da­tions course?

The Appren­tice­ship offers a deep dive into the inner work­ings of an organization’s project man­age­ment and oper­a­tions process­es and is designed to cre­ate big, sweep­ing oper­a­tional change. It is best for expe­ri­enced PMs, direc­tors, and owners. 

The Foun­da­tions course pro­vides a thor­ough under­stand­ing of the project life cycle and best PM prac­tices and is great for any­one who works in the dig­i­tal sphere and who wants a bet­ter under­stand­ing of dig­i­tal project management.

What does my tuition pay for?

Your course tuition gives you access to week­ly remote train­ing ses­sions, as well as: 

  • Class record­ings for future reference
  • 500+ pages of use­ful course mate­ri­als, guides, and templates
  • 1:1 ses­sions with your train­er for per­son­al development 
  • Exclu­sive esti­mat­ing and pric­ing tools
  • Month­ly AMA (Ask Me Any­thing) events with indus­try experts
  • Access to an active Slack com­mu­ni­ty filled with friend­ly and help­ful peers 
  • Access to exclu­sive project esti­mat­ing and pric­ing tools
Who teach­es the Dig­i­tal PM Oper­a­tions Apprenticeship?

Your Dig­i­tal PM Oper­a­tions Appren­tice­ship train­er is a skilled dig­i­tal project man­ag­er and con­sul­tant with years of agency and cre­ative team expe­ri­ence. Learn more about our train­ers.

I don’t see my ques­tion here — who can I speak to?

If your ques­tion isn’t answered here or in our full FAQ, feel free to drop us a line at hello@​louderthanten.​com or call 18442040004 if you need urgent support.

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