One man’s journey to become a better designer… through improv

I signed up for a comedy improv class hoping it would make me a stronger designer, hoping it would better help me present my ideas and further my career. I had no idea it would transform my life.


Norma Miller

Coax Magazine sat down with Norma Miller from White Coat Captioning to talk about communication, knowledge translation, objectivity, and the machines that may or may not be coming for our jobs.

by Marshall Watson

Norma’s captioned everyone from Bo Burnham to Barrack Obama (and maybe even you).

Ubuntu for project managers

Treat your team like a village—a village where everyone is both valued and valuable

by Aneesa Bodiat

Ubuntu is a South African concept stemming from the belief that we collectively define our identity. It’s not just a theory to live by or a humanist philosophy benefitting communities; it affects your business and your project management, too.

Input Logic

A Coax mini Q&A

by Rachel Gertz

We sat down with Brandon, Shawn, and Gavin from Input Logic to talk about the importance of continuous learning and how project management training impacted their team and processes. Here’s what they said.

In Defense of Doing it Wrong

Why you should ignore social expectations and start listening to your own desire

by Jessica Faulds

Why you should ignore social expectations and start listening to your own desire

Late nights and early warnings

How unhealthy projects break your business and our plan to help you fix that

by Rachel Gertz

Rachel explains how digital project management, apprenticeship, and Louder Than Ten’s brand new program can transform your projects and your organization.


Project estimates made simple…or not

by Douglas Maitland

Simple Estimate, or ‘Simplestimate’ (which my autocorrect has been struggling with all day), is a new web app that aims to offer exactly what it says on the tin.

Dressing for the occasion

Experimenting with dress codes for the 20th-century

by David Fairbrother

An informal social experiment about workplace apparel, authenticity, and authority.

Editor’s picks

Apprenticeship an internship replacement

A better path to mastering our craft

by Ivana McConnell

Ivana McConnell walks us down a familiar path to find our career footing—the path of an apprentice. Perhaps the best way to fireproof new industry talent is to apply those timeworn principles of the past.

Design machines

How to survive the digital apocalypse.

by Travis Gertz

A dystopian view of an internet designed by machines, and the mushy, emotional weapons we can use to fight back.

Take this job and do it

Working to live and feeling good about it

by Tyler Hellard

Tyler Hellard relates the practice of doing a job without really needing to like it.

The DPM apprenticeship

Viget shares the ins and outs of their recent digital PM program.

by Anna Lewis

Anna Lewis shares Viget’s biggest lessons in this hearty summary highlighting the twelve weeks they spent apprenticing their newest digital PM.

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